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I wanted to do that…Just not alone!

I wanted to do that... Just not alone! (FREE & SAFE) * A community is great because of its members, and we need you to make it great! We live in an ever-shrinking world, where the technologies and transportation [Read entire story]

San Diego California Bar Exam Preparation Tips Meetup

Led by a three state bar passer (California, Colorado, New Jersey: all on first try) this group will help students prepare for the upcoming California bar exam. Each meetup will include a presentation on a different area [Read entire story]

Learn to Code San Francisco

Have you ever thought about learning to code but weren't sure how to get started? Let's meet and explore the fundamentals of programming, including how to write code as well as how to develop an attitude that will enable [Read entire story]

SF Big Analytics

The SF Big Analytics meetup will focus on all aspects of the big data analytics. From data ETL, feature generation, machine learning theory, algorithm and implementation to technologies and infrastructures associated [Read entire story]

Bay Area Short Hikes | 5-8 Miles

This is a faster-paced walking/hiking for fitness group. The routes will often include stairs, hills and sights to take in.  On occasion we might climb some boulders.  Urban walks will be held in San Francisco, [Read entire story]

Seoul California Meetup

Seoul California MeetupSeoul, kr [Read entire story]

Beverly Hills California Meetup

Beverly Hills California MeetupBeverly Hills, CA90210, us [Read entire story]

Black Californians Living in MD

Are you from CA but now live in MD? Want to increase your social network? Finding it hard to befriend individuals out here on the East Coast? Well look no further! Black Californians Living in MD is a meetup for those [Read entire story]

Los Angeles Community Supporters

I always dreamed of living in a small town where you know everyone and support the one grocery store, hardware store, and movie theater. All the money goes back to helping the community thrive. Although we live in Los [Read entire story]

Ultimate California Adventures

Ultimate California Adventures is a group for those who want to experience the iconic outdoor experiences that only California has to offer. Our first event, the Californiaman, will be a 2-day weekend endurance activity [Read entire story]

Mobile Growth Hackers

We're a group of Bay Area mobile app developers (iOS and Android) interested in growing our apps. We cover all things related to growth, from organic growth hacking, to paid installs, to how to build referral systems. [Read entire story]

Bay Area Happenings

Welcome to Bay Area Happenings, this is a group for anyone interested in having fun and meeting new people in the Bay Area and Beyond. Anyone from 18 and older are able to participate in Bay Area Happenings activities. [Read entire story]

CoInvent SF

CoInvent is a US-based event/content platform for startups and entrepreneurs. Join the San Francisco Meetup group or opt in to this list to get exclusive event updates in SF. You can also join the [Read entire story]

East Bay Travel Buddies, Adventures, Local Hikes, & Trips

We are all things adventure from local hikes and day trips to international adventures all over the world. Our group is great for single and solo travelers looking to make new friends to travel the world with. Come join [Read entire story]

Swift Language User Group (San Francisco + Silicon Valley)

This group is 100% devoted to Swift, the programming language introduced by Apple at WWDC 2014. We host speaker events both in Silicon Valley and downtown San Francisco. Watch the videos of our previous speakers Also, [Read entire story]

Californians in Taipei

"I'm going going, back baaaack, to Cali, Cali...." Love Cali? Want to move to Cali? Dread the hot summers in Taiwan, and miss the great sun & beaches in CA?!? This is the group for you! :)Californians in TaipeiTaipei, tw [Read entire story]

ReactJS San Francisco Bay Area meetup

ReactJs is a fun, easy to use Javascript library started by Facebook and maintained by *you*. http://facebook.github.io/react/ ReactJs is crazy easy to get started and so fun once you get going. Join us if you'd like to [Read entire story]

CSU Chico Alumni

For anyone interested in CSU Chico Alumni activities in the DC Washington Metropolitan Area. In the past we have met at the California State Society "Back to School Night" and gotten together for some Chico sponsored [Read entire story]

Data Scientists Engineers Project Group

Which industry are you in? Are you applying data science to improve it? Join our project group to expand your skills, whether it is big data, machine learning, or statistics. Projects are often based on free classes [Read entire story]

GoBoldly San Francisco Outdoor Experiences

Join the GoBoldly team for weekly experiences doing the things we love! Rock climbing, surfing, hiking, skiing, and everything outdoors and awesome!GoBoldly San Francisco Outdoor ExperiencesSan Francisco, CA94107, us [Read entire story]