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3 Palestinians, 3 Israelis killed amid Jerusalem protests

JERUSALEM — Escalating Israeli-Palestinian tensions over the Holy Land’s most contested shrine boiled over into violence Friday that killed six people — three Palestinians in street clashes in Jerusalem and three [Read entire story]

Minneapolis police chief steps down

MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis police Chief Janee Harteau resigned Friday at the request of the mayor, who said she lost confidence in the chief after last week’s shooting death of an unarmed Australian woman by a police [Read entire story]

Manafort, Trump Jr. to turn over documents to panel

WASHINGTON — Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and the president’s son Donald Trump Jr. have agreed to turn over documents to and testify behind closed doors before the Senate Judiciary Committee as part [Read entire story]

Missile threat prompts safety drills in Hawaii

Because it would take a missile up to 20 minutes to arrive, the instructions to the public are simple: “Get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned,” said Vern Miyagi, agency administrator. Hawaii residents, who already [Read entire story]

Trump explores ways to undercut special counsel’s investigation

Some of President Trump’s lawyers are exploring ways to limit or undercut Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, building a case against what they allege are his conflicts of interest and discussing [Read entire story]

Greek island Kos hit by 6.5-magnitude earthquake

KOS, Greece — A powerful earthquake shook the Greek island of Kos early Friday morning, damaging several buildings and the main port, killing at least two people and causing more than 120 injuries, authorities [Read entire story]

Judge won’t dismiss sanctuary city suits by SF, Santa Clara County

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ claim that President Trump won’t strip federal funding from San Francisco, Santa Clara County and other sanctuary locales for refusing to cooperate with immigration officers was an [Read entire story]

Amid setbacks, GOP seeking to bring back health care bill

The White House and GOP leaders fished Thursday for ways to win over recalcitrant senators, including an administration proposal to let states use Medicaid funds to help people buy their own private health [Read entire story]

Your lucky numbers

Mega Millions jackpot: $232 million Mega Friday, July 21, jackpot: $248 million Thursday, July 20, draws Fantasy 5 Daily 3 (midday) Daily 3 (evening) Daily Derby race time: 1:45.50 First [...] California [Read entire story]

Sen. Kamala Harris’ bipartisan push for bail reform

WASHINGTON — Fresh off a visit to the nation’s largest women’s prison at Chowchilla, in the prison-dotted San Joaquin Valley, Sen. Kamala Harris on Thursday tacked another piece onto what is becoming her signature [Read entire story]

News of the day from across the nation, July 21

The former Justice Department official won unanimous support from the panel, with senators from both parties praising his promise at his hearing last week never to let politics get in the way of the bureau’s [Read entire story]

News of the day from across the nation, July 21

The former Justice Department official won unanimous support from the panel, with senators from both parties praising his promise at his hearing last week never to let politics get in the way of the bureau’s [Read entire story]

For 1st time, over half of people with HIV taking AIDS drugs

LONDON — For the first time in the global AIDS epidemic that has spanned four decades and killed 35 million people, more than half of all those infected with HIV are on drugs to treat the virus, the United Nations said [Read entire story]

News of the day from across the globe, July 20

Polish lawmakers voted Thursday to approve a contentious law that gives control of the nation’s Supreme Court to the president instead of to judges, sparking new protests outside parliament in Warsaw. Catalonia’s [Read entire story]

For many African girls, menstruation means humiliation

Menstrual hygiene has emerged as a serious, and often emotional, subject in Africa, where some experts say governments must supply free sanitary pads to schoolgirls who often are at risk of dropping out because of [Read entire story]

Publicly assailed by Trump, Sessions says he’s staying on

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions, publicly skewered by his boss for stepping clear of the Russia-Trump investigations, declared Thursday he still loves his job and plans to stay on. Yet President Trump’s [Read entire story]

Venezuela strike erupts into sporadic violence

CARACAS, Venezuela —A nationwide strike against plans to rewrite the constitution shut down much of Venezuelan’s capital Thursday before erupting into sporadic violence when protesters clashed with riot police and [Read entire story]

Trump cutting hundreds of planned regulations

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has withdrawn or delayed 860 proposed regulations in its first five months, the beginnings of a regulatory overhaul meant to bolster economic growth. Federal agencies have [Read entire story]

Thai army general among dozens convicted of human trafficking

BANGKOK — A Thai army general was one of dozens of people convicted in a major human trafficking trial that included 103 defendants accused of involvement in a modern-day slavery trade. According to investigators, [Read entire story]

Power-sharing deal between former foes taking shape in Gaza

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — A power-sharing deal between two former arch foes is slowly taking shape in Gaza and could lead to big changes in the Hamas-ruled territory, including an easing of a decade-long border [Read entire story]