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Mark Rocha, amid objections, to be City College of SF chancellor

City College of San Francisco trustees approved a $310,500 contract for Mark Rocha on Thursday, affirming him as the next chancellor despite objections from dozens of instructors who warned that he had clashed with [Read entire story]

News of the Day From Across the Nation, June 23

Leak conviction: A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld a 3½ year prison sentence for a former CIA officer found guilty of leaking government secrets to a reporter. Sterling was convicted under the Espionage Act in [Read entire story]

Your lucky numbers

Mega Millions jackpot: $123 million Mega Friday, June 23, jackpot: $134 million Thursday, June 22, draws Fantasy 5 Daily 3 (midday) Daily 3 (evening) Daily Derby race time: 1:46.14 First Money Bags [...] Hot [Read entire story]

News of the Day From Around the World, June 23

The man killed when he drove his car packed with arms and explosives into a police convoy had pledged allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State and asked his family to remember him not as a suicide bomber but as a [Read entire story]

Tornado flattens buildings, flood threat lingers in southeast

NEW ORLEANS — A suspected tornado near Birmingham, Ala., flattened businesses and injured one person Thursday, while the mayor of a coastal Louisiana town urged residents to evacuate ahead of a rising tide — two [Read entire story]

US more diverse, white population grows least, Census Bureau says

WASHINGTON— The United States is growing older and more ethnically diverse, a trend that could strain government programs from Medicare to education, the Census Bureau reported Thursday. Every ethnic and racial group [Read entire story]

EU moves to boost military cooperation

BRUSSELS — Weeks after being berated by President Trump for failing to spend enough on defense, European nations vowed Thursday to boost military cooperation in their part of the world. At a summit in Brussels, the 28 [Read entire story]

Attitudes, legal standards help make police convictions rare

PHILADELPHIA — In the three years since fatal police shootings of unarmed black people launched the Black Lives Matter movement, few officers have been charged and none has been convicted by juries in the [Read entire story]

Senate health-care bill calls for deep cuts to Medicaid

WASHINGTON — After weeks of writing a repeal of the Affordable Care Act in secret, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the legislation public Thursday, revealing a bill that by and large follows the contours of [Read entire story]

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Powerball Jackpot: $64 million Saturday, June 24, jackpot: TBA Super Lotto Jackpot: $48 million Mega Saturday, June 24, jackpot: $49 million Wednesday, June 21, draws Fantasy 5 Daily 3 (midday) Daily 3 [Read entire story]

News of the day from across the nation, June 21

An average of 14 families lose homes every day to foreclosure in Puerto Rico as the island faces a real-estate crash worse than the one that sparked the last big recession on the U.S. mainland. Families are moving in [Read entire story]

News of the day from across the globe, June 21

Fighting between government forces and rebels in Ukraine’s industrial heartland has killed more than 10,000 people and displaced more than 1 million since it began in 2014. The U.N. Security Council unanimously [Read entire story]

Canadian man charged in stabbing of airport officer in Flint

A police officer was stabbed in the neck at the Flint airport by a man with a knife Wednesday in what authorities are investigating as a possible act of terrorism. The suspect was immediately taken into custody, and [Read entire story]

GOP health plan is really a rollback of Medicaid

[...] it would also permanently restructure Medicaid, which covers tens of millions of poor or disabled Americans, including millions who are living in nursing homes with conditions like Alzheimer’s or the aftereffects [Read entire story]

In Iowa, Trump ready to rally base, celebrate GOP resilience

DES MOINES, Iowa — President Trump is heading to the Midwest in search of his supporters’ warm embrace — and to celebrate a Republican congressional victory in an election viewed as an early referendum on his [Read entire story]

Congress hears sinister tale of Russia election meddling

WASHINGTON — A sinister portrait of Russia’s cyberattacks on the U.S. emerged Wednesday as current and former U.S. officials told Congress that Moscow stockpiled stolen information and selectively disseminated it [Read entire story]

Trump son-in-law kicks off Mideast peace push with 1st solo visit

JERUSALEM — President Trump’s son-in-law and chief Middle East adviser, Jared Kushner, made his first solo visit to the region Wednesday, holding separate meetings with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders in an [Read entire story]

Scruffy little dog named Gobi scores book, movie deals

The sand-colored pooch with big, soulful eyes has a book out and movie deal after she happened on ultra-runner Dion Leonard last year during a 155-mile race across desert dunes, over mountains and through yurt villages [Read entire story]

Uber CEO Kalanick quits under pressure

Travis Kalanick stepped down Tuesday as chief executive of Uber, the ride-hailing service that he helped found in 2009 and that he built into a transportation colossus, after a shareholder revolt made it untenable for [Read entire story]

In Georgia, Republican thanks Trump after expensive House win

Republican Karen Handel won a nationally watched congressional election Tuesday in Georgia, and she thanked President Trump after she avoided an upset that would have rocked Washington ahead of the 2018 midterm [Read entire story]