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"Tim’s Vermeer": Re-Creating a Masterpiece, Starting with the Room in Which It Was Painted

The documentary category is rich with contenders this awards season, so it's understandable if a film about a low-priority and admittedly insoluble 17th-century mystery seems less urgent than some other rightly lauded [Read entire story]

"Like Father, Like Son": Who Is More Your Son?

Hirokazu Kore-Eda's moving Like Father, Like Son presents an impossible conundrum: wealthy, Type-A businessman Ryota (Masaharu Fukuyama) and his wife, Midori (Machiko Ono), discover that their 6-year-old son Keita (Keita [Read entire story]

"Winter’s Tale": A Thief Saves a Dying Girl, Travels Through Time, Rides a Flying Horse, Because Romance

A magic-realist love story that flitters about in increasingly arbitrary directions, Winter's Tale blathers on and on about the interconnectedness of life in a way that would embarrass even its kindred era-hopping [Read entire story]

TheatreWorks lines up ‘Great Pretender,’ Hudes’ ‘Water’

The often-seen "2 Pianos, 4 Hands" and the bluegrass musical "Fire on the Mountain" fill out the eight-play 45th season in the South Bay's leading theater company's two homes, Palo Alto's Lucie Stern Theatre and the [Read entire story]

What celebrities are really thinking

[...] the kids chime in, all yelling and making contradictory statements. Like smart Thanksgiving guests, we know better than to take sides in a family dispute. A damaged woman seeking justice, or a mother using her [Read entire story]

For LaTanya Richardson Jackson, a ‘dream’ role

Richardson Jackson, who was last on Broadway in the Tony-winning 2009 revival of "Joe Turner's Come and Gone," was asked on Saturday to take over for Diahann Carroll in next month's Broadway revival of "A Raisin in the [Read entire story]

‘Star-Crossed’ review: Love, minus the poetry, for tweens

How dopey is it? A nightly "TMZ" report on Justin Bieber's latest demonstration of cultural irrelevance has more intellectual content, not to mention a better script and performances. Monday's pilot begins with moderate [Read entire story]

Click City, Episode 31: A dark journey to another world

Roger's limo tore past Roberts Market, a destination stop in Woodside for rare wines. Though the online dating sites annoyed her because they seemed so unromantic (they reminded her too much of Cindy's John.com), at [Read entire story]

‘RoboCop’ review: no mere remake, a timely upgrade

The original "RoboCop" was about crime, with hints of a dystopian future involving big business and corrupt politicians, and yet the misdeeds were small scale. [...] President Eisenhower might have liked "RoboCop," [Read entire story]

Paula West loses weight, not spirit, to diabetes

Longtime Bay Area singer Paula West has lost 80 pounds battling diabetes Asked to choose between gaining 50 pounds or getting hit by a Mack truck, most of them chose the truck, she says. Sitting in her sun-filled Nob [Read entire story]

What’s wrong here? Not enough smokers

Loyal (and outraged) San Franciscan James Leal forwarded a long entry from the New York Social Diary, an online site about society, written by someone named Charlie Sheips. Sheips' website describes him as a "well-known [Read entire story]

Catching up with B.J. Novak, ‘The Office’ writer

[...] he's an author and will be making an appearance Thursday at City Arts & Lectures in San Francisco. Stories and Other Stories, is a collection of 64 short stories, some that read like memoir or science fiction, [Read entire story]

‘Escanaba in da Moonlight’: bawdy comedy in a hunting cabin

The woodsy hunting cabin looks so real and the men's eagerness for the opening of deer season is so keen that you can almost taste the venison in Jeff Daniels' odd rites-of-passage comedy "Escanaba in da [Read entire story]

HOROSCOPE for Monday 2/10/2014 by Christopher Renstrom

ARIES. (March 20 - April 18): Your insistence on pushing ahead no matter what is sorely needed. People are so concerned with covering their backsides that nothing's getting done. [Read entire story]

Photographer Mike Brodie spent 6 years riding the rails

Among things you don't expect to find in a diesel mechanic's tool drawer are copies of his own book of portrait photography. Only when the other mechanics are not around will Mike Brodie pull out an unopened copy of [Read entire story]

Gathering of the San Francisco tribe

Thursday's opening preview of the weekend's San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show provided the chance for wannabe world-class bohemians and connoisseurs to worship at the altar of the handmade. Make no mistake, the [Read entire story]

‘Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid’ review: The real story

Butch settled along the Outlaw Trail, a loosely linked web of trails and pathways between Texas and Montana, where he assembled a gang of bank robbers known as the Wild Bunch. What enabled them to elude capture and run [Read entire story]

Minerva’s Sunday Horoscope/Starcast & Mailbag, 2/09/14

Starcast: Expect only the unexpected this Mercury-crazed week. The canny communications planet backs up into quirky Aquarius just as the mad moon blitzes lusty Leo. Expect to live in interesting times. [Read entire story]

Gwen Avery, passionate singer-songwriter and feminist, dies

Featured on the groundbreaking 1977 Olivia Records anthology, "Lesbian Concentrate," the standout track revealed her as a brave, powerful singer who didn't hold back. A tour with label mates Linda Tillery and Mary [Read entire story]

City on fire

Photographer Albert Cruz lives in the Excelsior district and shot this photo with his phone late one hazy San Francisco afternoon. What I love about this image is that I took it during my first mountain-bike ride in [Read entire story]