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Horoscope for Thursday, 2/22/18 by Christopher Renstrom

ARIES. (March 20 - April 18): Maybe you're to blame and maybe not. However loved ones are a bit eager to pin things on you. Tell them to find another culprit. [Read entire story]

Noise Pop fest comes to a close with a bang

The 26th annual Noise Pop Music and Arts Festival winds down on Sunday, Feb. 25, with a trio of events that will leave badge holders in a serious planning predicament. Waxahatchee singer-songwriter [Read entire story]

Cinemark to institute ban on large bags in movie theaters for ‘safety and security’

Cinemark, a theater chain with more than two dozen Bay Area locations, has announced a new ban on bags or packages larger than 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches. [Read entire story]

Bill Gates has no idea what groceries cost

Bill Gates, billionaire Microsoft founder and noted generous Reddit gifter, clearly hasn't been to a grocery store in a while. [Read entire story]

Local actor plays King of Siam in tour of ‘The King and I’

Its “Getting to Know You” is lightness incarnate. Its “Shall We Dance?” — a razzle-dazzle polka — makes its eponymous proposition impossible to resist. And the lyrics in its “Something Wonderful” paint a [Read entire story]

People share roommate horror stories in response to viral roommate-from-hell tale

In response to a riveting tale of a roommate from hell in New York Magazine, people took to Twitter to share their own horror stories. [Read entire story]

Philip Glass’ ‘Changing Parts’ casts an immersive spell at Symphony Hall

Things might start out with a tentative toe dipped into the water, but sooner or later any early work by Philip Glass is going to end up as a full-scale sonic immersion. “Music With Changing Parts,” which got a [Read entire story]

Carla Bruni, former first lady of France, returns to the cabaret

With her spell as the first lady of France over, Carla Bruni has spent the past few years working to revive her career as a pop star. It’s a life “I never really left,” she insisted in an interview with The [Read entire story]

San Jose Stage cast kills it in ‘Sweeney Todd’

“And what if none of their souls were saved?” goes an early lyric in “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” “They went to their maker impeccably shaved.” The fiendishness doesn’t [Read entire story]

Chronicle photographer Scott Strazzante to discuss ‘Shooting from the Hip’

San Francisco Chronicle staff photographer Scott Strazzante will discuss mobile phone street photography and his new book “Shooting from the Hip” during SF Camerawork’s Storytellers Lecture Series on Wednesday, [Read entire story]

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are lots of fun in ‘Game Night’

“Game Night” is not trying to be an important social document or a work of art. There’s nothing here designed to create a sense of awe or win awards or be remembered more than a year from now. It’s not a movie [Read entire story]

‘The Party,’ Sally Potter’s latest, suggests a world that’s caving in

The world is always present in the films of Sally Potter, waiting outside, guiding and influencing the lives of people within her specific and intense gaze. And so it is in “The Party,” her confident and economical [Read entire story]

Music for tenor and violin revived a century later

In the early decades of the 20th century, two giants of the music world — violinist Fritz Kreisler and tenor John McCormack — forged a performing partnership that created a sensation both on concert stages and in the [Read entire story]

It’s good that ‘Nostalgia’ is different, but that doesn’t mean it’s good

“Nostalgia” gets credit for being different and sincere and for trying to capture a feeling that movies don’t often deal with. The feeling is not exactly nostalgia, though it’s related to wishing for the past. [Read entire story]

Stolen bag of money leads to mayhem in Chinese animated ‘Have a Nice Day’

A stolen bag of money brings all sorts of riffraff into the open in a small industrial town in China in Liu Jian’s “Have a Nice Day,” a bleak, at times fascinating but strangely inert Chinese animated film. [Read entire story]

Horoscope for Wednesday, 2/21/18 by Christopher Renstrom

ARIES. (March 20 - April 18): You're surrounded by admirers, but they can still do a better job of gushing. Act a little skeptical and watch them up their game. [Read entire story]

Oakland Museum festivities keep the Lunar New Year party going

The official start of the Lunar New Year was Friday, Feb. 16, but that doesn’t mean the celebration is over. Like many other organizations hosting festivities this month to honor the holiday, the Oakland Museum of [Read entire story]

Local stars in memorial tribute to ‘Funkstress’ Pam Warren, popular DJ

Pam Warren’s sudden illness and death in December were a shock to fans of the Bay Area DJ, who helped craft the sound of the Oakland rap collective known as the Coup. She laid down beats on some of the band’s [Read entire story]

Teacher-student conference turns confrontational at Berkeley Rep

After each of the school shootings that have become so frequent we can hardly absorb them any more, we wring our hands: How did we miss the signs? Why didn’t we notice how troubled the killer was and take preventative [Read entire story]

Comedian Funches arrives at San Jose Improv

As a rising TV star and voice-over artist, Ron Funches has a knack for ending up on your favorite current program; just in the past two years, the comedian has appeared on “Black-ish” and “Transparent” as well as [Read entire story]