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Rita Moreno shines, even with a shiner, at Feinstein’s

Rita Moreno is such a good actress, you almost believe her when she says she’s not a comedian, until you double over in laughter at one of her stories, delivered with expert comic timing. Moreno thoroughly bewitched [Read entire story]

Celebrities spotted at Coachella Weekend 2

Because one weekend of flower crowns wasn't enough! [Read entire story]

Where to see drag shows in the Bay Area

With everything from drag brunch buffets to suburban queen revues, there's a local drag show to suit most tastes. [Read entire story]

Minerva’s horoscope for week of April 23

The natives are restless, the vibes intense as the new moon joins the sun in lusty Taurus. Jupiter continues to hang in lovely Libra. Saturn still holds sway in besieged Sagittarius. Lucky Jupiter in your contract [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Widower in new relationship is shunned by sisters-in-law

When my wife’s three sisters found out, I became the outcast. Why do people think there is a set time to grieve? There’s a story in the book of Genesis about a man named Lot, whose wife looked back during the [Read entire story]

Minerva’s Sunday Horoscope: 4/23/17

STARCAST: Ooga Booga! Ooga Booga! Hear those drums? The natives are restless, the vibes intense as the new moon joins the sun in lusty Taurus. Jupiter continues to hang in lovely Libra. Saturn still holds sway in [Read entire story]

Shatner and ‘The Next Generation’ stars join forces at Silicon Valley Comic Con

The Next Generation 30th anniversary panel during the second day of Silicon Valley Comic Con. The actor proved that a little Bill Shatner can improve just about any situation, turning yet-another-“Star Trek”-reunion [Read entire story]

Australian Psych Band Returns To San Francisco

By Dave Pehling SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — While they have not yet ascended to amphitheater-filling heights of sibling Australian psych band Tame Impala, Down Under rock band Pond has a loyal and growing fanbase [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Booze in teen’s car was bought by her dad

Booze in teen’s car was bought by her dad When confronted, she told my wife the booze was for an upcoming party. Candy is only 16, so she can be forgiven her lapse in judgment. The legal age for consumption or [Read entire story]

William Bell, Bay Area pianist known as Jazz Professor, dies

The acclaimed Bay Area pianist, who worked tirelessly as a performer and music educator at several major Bay Area institutions, died last month at his home in the East Bay. During a lengthy career, Mr. Bell served as [Read entire story]

Horoscopes for Saturday, 4/22/17 by Christopher Renstrom

ARIES. (March 20 - April 18): It's time to meet with a financial advisor. Assets could be doing more for you. Sometimes others see what you overlook or take for granted. [Read entire story]

New Documentary Shows 1992 LA Riots As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

April 29th, 1992 was the day that four LAPD members were acquitted for the use of excessive force in the arrest of Rodney King after a high-speed chase down the streets of Northern Los Angeles. Following this decision, [Read entire story]

A ‘Temple’ worthy of veneration at the Aurora

Aurora Theatre Company’s “Temple” invokes the pantheon of theater history. Opening Thursday, April 20, Steve Waters’ play, making its U.S. premiere, dramatizes the decision by the dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral [Read entire story]

Prince Fans Mourn, Celebrate One Year After His Death

MINNEAPOLIS (CBS SF/AP) – For Prince fans, the one-year anniversary of his shocking death from an accidental drug overdose will be a time for sadness and celebration. It was a year ago Friday that the music [Read entire story]

Two friends plan to open children’s bookstore in Walnut Creek

Marian Adducci and Shoshana Smith, friends from college, have plans to open a children’s bookstore in Walnut Creek — the East Bay city in which the online giant will soon have a brick-and-mortar store. “Especially [Read entire story]

Dystopian ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ made to feel chilllingly real

“This may not feel ordinary to you now,” says the tyrannical Aunt Lydia to a young woman trained to be a breeding slave to an infertile couple, but in time it will. … No matter how loud the initial outrage, human [Read entire story]

Coulter accuses Drudge of ‘Fake News’ over coverage of scrapped Berkeley event

Conservative pundit [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Healthy seniors sought for historic Alzheimer’s study

Healthy seniors sought for historic Alzheimer’s study More than 10,000 Baby Boomers in the U.S. turn 65 every day and enter the “age of risk” for Alzheimer’s disease. The good news is that we are now starting [Read entire story]

Horoscopes for Friday, 4/21/17 by Christopher Renstrom

ARIES. (March 20 - April 18): Think twice about running to a friend's rescue. It's true that this person got a raw deal regarding a certain association or relationship, but s/he may have had it coming. [Read entire story]

Earth, Wind & Fire and Chic Kicks Off Summer Tour In Oakland

By Radio.com Staff (RADIO.COM) – Earth, Wind & Fire and Chic featuring Nile Nile Rodgers are joining forces for a summer tour. Dubbed the 2054 The Tour, the run will kick off on July 12th in Oakland. Tickets go on sale [Read entire story]