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Security Ramped Up For 3-Day BottleRock Festival In Napa

NAPA (CBS SF) – Security at this year’s BottleRock festival in Napa has been increase in the wake of the deadly Manchester Arena bombing outside an Ariana Grande concert earlier this week. The terror attack by a [Read entire story]

Denis Johnson, a writer who showed us a way through the wreckage

Gigantic ferns leaned over us. [...] that was, after all, the literary world of the man who wrote the story collection “Jesus’ Son” — the landscape left to us after we got kicked out of Eden and had to make our [Read entire story]

Symphony introduces a grim song cycle

With each passing year, the familiar moods, concerns and modes of expression move closer to center stage and manifest themselves in ever more distilled form. In the last symphonies and string quartets, in a pair of [Read entire story]

Ariana Grande To Hold Fundraising Concert In Manchester For Terror Victims

NEW YORK (AP) — Ariana Grande has vowed to return to Manchester, England, to give a concert to raise money for the victims of Monday’s deadly bombing at her show there. pic.twitter.com/c03xrX3iIv — [Read entire story]

Bay Area arts and entertainment picks, May 30

Soprano Nikki Einfeld joins the ensemble for a program of French and Francophile works by Kurt Rohde, Ned Rorem, André Caplet and more. 7:30 p.m. San Francisco Conservatory of Music, S.F. [Read entire story]

‘Vireo’ brings opera to the small screen, in pieces

Even without scouring the record books too thoroughly, it seems safe to assert that soprano Deborah Voigt has never before appeared in an opera with a cow. [...] Voigt and her nameless bovine colleague are indeed among [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Comments from dad cause childless daughter pain

Comments from dad cause childless daughter pain Dear Abby: I am a 40-year-old childless single woman. Recently, he made an offhand remark that I was “selfish” for not having had any. How do I approach him about [Read entire story]

Inside The Backstage Kitchen at BottleRock Napa Valley

Liam Mayclem, the Foodie Chap takes us behind the scenes of the William-Sonoma Culinary Stage at BottleRock Napa Valley 2017 [Read entire story]

WWE star Jericho’s latest smash in music headlining Fozzy

Chris Jericho stood with his back to the hyperactive crowd, his arms outstretched and lights flashing on his jacket. Posturing in a blinged-out $15,000 jacket (so he bragged each week on “Raw”) earned him [Read entire story]

Child actors take the Cannes Film Festival by storm

CANNES, France — The Cannes Film Festival, with its late-night soirees and throngs of paparazzi, isn’t an ideal place for children. Yet at this year’s Cannes, kid actors have delivered many of the festival’s [Read entire story]

Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ is holding a Bay Area casting call for its second season

"13 Reasons Why," the controversial Netflix show about the repercussions of a teenage high school student's suicide, is holding an open casting call for extras in Vallejo in early June. [Read entire story]

‘Buena Vista’ follow-up for completists only

Buena Vista Social Club: The charming players from the 1999 documentary “Buena Vista Social Club” are included, with new backgrounds, storytelling and context. The Buena Vista Social Club was a group of Cuban [Read entire story]

Famous San Francisco movie and TV houses: Here’s how much they actually cost

We tracked down some of the most famous houses from movies and television and calculated what they really would cost. [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Man puts out welcome mat only for his side of family

A few months ago, my sister called me at 9 p.m. She was driving through on her way to Florida with her 7-year-old daughter and had been trying for an hour to find a hotel at that point. No, you’re not wrong. Because [Read entire story]

Horoscopes for Thursday, 5/25/17 by Christopher Renstrom

ARIES. (March 20 - April 18): You can't help it if a wedge is being driven between you and a friend. It's this person's problem, not yours. Give him/her time to get over it. [Read entire story]

Kubrick’s little-known right-hand man takes a bow in Cannes

Directors are hailed with minutes-long standing ovations, while movie stars parade a gantlet of flashbulbs on the red carpet. Despite his uncommon proximity to Kubrick and his significant contributions to the [Read entire story]

Reese Witherspoon shocks Stanford student while visiting old dorm room

Stanford apparently maintains an air of sentimentality for Reese Witherspoon. On Saturday, she dropped by her old school and made a stop at her former dorm room. [Read entire story]

Sacramento singer on tour with Ariana Grande: ‘This was supposed to be their safe place’

Victoria Monet, the Sacramento-raised singer who went on tour with Ariana Grande and performed in Manchester on Monday night as an opener, has released a short statement on Twitter. In it, she reacts to the bomb that [Read entire story]

‘Clerks’ Actress Lisa Spoonauer Dead at 44

JACKSON, N.J. (CBS SF) – Actress in Kevin Smith’s hit 1994 movie, Clerks, Lisa Spoonauer has died. She was 44. No cause of death has been released yet said the George Hassler Funeral Home in Jackson, New [Read entire story]

‘Clerks’ Actress Lisa Spoonauer Dead at 44

JACKSON, N.J. (CBS SF) – Actress in Kevin Smith’s hit 1994 movie, Clerks, Lisa Spoonauer has died. She was 44. No cause of death has been released yet said the George Hassler Funeral Home in Jackson, New [Read entire story]