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King Cobras and Geckos Seized at JFK Airport

Nearly a half a dozen king cobras and a handful of geckos were seized by border agents at Kennedy Airport, authorities said.The reptiles were detected by Customs and Border Protection officers scanning an express mail [Read entire story]

Colorado Teen Survives Unprovoked Bear Attack While Camping

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is looking for a bear that bit a 19-year-old man named Dylan, who wishes to keep his last name private, early Sunday morning in an unprovoked attack at a campground in Boulder County. [Read entire story]

Shark Bites Swimmer Off Miami-Area Beach

A swimmer was bitten by what lifeguards believed was a bullhead shark in South Florida on Sunday. Miami-Dade lifeguards believe this is the first shark attack in 20 years. [Read entire story]

VP Pence Touches NASA Equipment Labeled ‘Do Not Touch’

Houston, we have contact.Vice President Mike Pence was seen touching a piece of NASA equipment labeled "Do not touch" on Thursday, driving the internet wild. In First Meeting, Trump Confronts Putin on Election Hacking [Read entire story]

Police Seek Help Finding Owner of Boat Left on Highway

An unexpected item was left sitting on U.S. 1 in central New Jersey Thursday afternoon: a 37-foot long boat.The vessel, named Maraliya out of Larchmont, New York, was left on the shoulder of the busy highway near Beekman [Read entire story]

Woman Weds Man 3 Years After Twitter Joke About Marrying Him

Twitter, she married him. It just took a while.Almost three years after Llia Apostolou sent a joking message on Twitter in search of a blind wedding date, she and the stranger who answered her made it to a different [Read entire story]

The Internet Can’t Get Enough of This Dog’s Balancing Act

River, a 5-year-old golden retriever from Charlotte, North Carolina, has the internet talking about his ability to balance things on his head and nose. [Read entire story]

Zoo Animals Eat Frozen Treats at Zoo in Rome

A zoo in Rome is giving animals frozen treats this summer to help them beat the heat, and to provide them with vitamins, minerals and amusement. [Read entire story]

China Gives Germany Two Pandas Ahead of G-20 Summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping presented German Chancellor Angela Merkel with two unique gifts ahead of Friday’s G-20 Summit: a pair of giant pandas. The two pandas, Meng Meng and Jiao Qing (which translates to [Read entire story]

Video Shows Snake Slithering on NYC Subway Train

You can now add snake to the wide variety of people, animals and microorganisms that have come in contact with the city’s subway poles.A straphanger captured a snake wrapped around a rail handle on an L train in a [Read entire story]

Man Destroys Ten Commandments Monument 24 Hours After Unveiling

A man yelled “freedom” as he rammed his car into a monument depicting the Ten Commandments outside the Arkansas State Capitol, less than 24 hours after it was unveiled. Michael Tate Reed posted videos to his [Read entire story]

Watch: Man Is Hit By Bus Then Walks Into Pub

Keep calm and carry on.That’s what Englishman Simon Smith seemed to do after being struck by a bus on his way home from work. Almost immediately after, Smith brushed himself off and entered a nearby pub as if nothing [Read entire story]

Oscar Mayer Adds New Vehicles, Drone to WienerFleet

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… WienerDrone?Oscar Mayer announced the expansion of its "WienerFleet" in a YouTube video Monday, which will add two new hot dog-shaped vehicles to bring the company's products [Read entire story]

20-Pound Live Lobster Found in Luggage at Boston Airport

A Transportation Security Administration screener at Boston's Logan Airport made a huge catch at checked baggage on Sunday.TSA spokesperson Michael McCarthy tweeted a photo of a screener posing with a lobster weighing [Read entire story]

Diner Finds Dead Frog in Salad at LA Restaurant

Officials with the BJ's Restaurants chain said they're investigating how a dead frog wound up in a diner's salad at one of the company's locations in West Covina, Los Angeles County. Shawna Cepeda posted a picture of her [Read entire story]

National Llama Competition

Hundreds of llamas and alpacas will gather in Waterloo, Iowa, this weekend to take part in The Gathering of Friends and Champions, a national llama competition. The llamas will be judged on their fleece, agility and [Read entire story]

Man Visits Disneyland 2,000 Times In a Row

A Huntington Beach man has set a record for most consecutive visits to Disneyland. Jeff Reitz, 44, has visited the park 2,000 times in a row. Reitz started visiting the park every day when he was unemployed and wanted to [Read entire story]

Deer Caught Duking It Out on Camera

Bring it on! Two deer was caught on in an impromptu boxing match by a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer. (Video Credit: TWRA) [Read entire story]

Sheriff’s Deputies Wrangle Wayward Llama in Vacaville

A llama caused some drama in Vacaville on Monday.After the animal got loose from its pasture, two deputies with the Solano County Sheriff's Office were forced to "think outside the box to coax this llama out of the [Read entire story]

Barflies Order Drinks During Armed Robbery

Barflies appeared not to notice as armed robbers were sticking up a Florida bar with a shotgun Sunday, with some patrons even trying to order more drinks as the robbery was in progress. [Read entire story]