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New ‘Soundwave’ Tattoos Can Talk, Play Music

What if tattoos could talk? That's what Nate Siggard, CEO and founder of Skin Motion, is trying to do with his soundwave tattoo app. It works like this: users can upload sounds and voices to the app, creating a waveform [Read entire story]

Sheriff: DUI Suspect Hit ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ Patrol Cruiser

A 63-year-old Florida man was arrested for driving under the influence after he allegedly damaged a newly unveiled "Don't Drink and Drive" patrol car in a crash.The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office says Paul Wilkins [Read entire story]

‘T-Rex’ Spooks Horses on City Street

A person in a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume allegedly growled at a pair of horses pulling a carriage in Charleston, South Carolina. The horses were frightened and caused the carriage to jackknife, injuring the driver. [Read entire story]

Fishy Weather: Surprising Downpour Hits Oroville School

There was something fishy about the weather this week at an Oroville elementary school.Stanford Elementary received a downpour… of fish! 21-Month-Old Boy Abducted in San Francisco Found Safe: CHP NBC-affiliate [Read entire story]

The Hottest Haircut Around

A barber in Cairo, Egypt, is using fire to style and straighten his clients' hair. [Read entire story]

SUV Sinks Into Beach as Man Tries to Take Photos of It

A man trying to take scenic photos of his SUV by the Jersey Shore ended up trying to dig the vehicle out after it started sinking into the water-logged sand, officials said.State Park Police responded to a call Tuesday [Read entire story]

Thief Steals Nearly 700 Parking Meters

Nearly 700 parking meters have been stolen from downtown Stockton, California, over the past year."We don't understand why they're down here because they're not making that much money," Stockton police Officer Joe Silva [Read entire story]

Terrifying Attack: Grocery Store Horror

Oregon police are investigating a gruesome murder and a brutal stabbing that followed in an Estacada grocery store.Witnesses say a man walked into the Estacada Thriftway Harvest Market covered in blood, carrying a knife [Read entire story]

Girl’s Wedding Photos With Burrito

What if you loved a burrito so much you married it? A teenager in Loudoun County, Virginia, loved a burrito so much she had beautiful, backlit "wedding" photos taken with it. Photo Credit: Laura René Photography [Read entire story]

Plea for Free Wendy’s Nuggets Becomes Most Retweeted Tweet

A Twitter user's joking request for help to getting free Wendy's chicken nuggets for a year has earned him a spot in the record books.As of Tuesday morning, Carter Wilkerson, @carterjwm, [Read entire story]

Bear Visits Conn. Woman’s Home, Paws at Back Door

A resident of Stagecoach Road in Avon, Connecticut, received an unexpected visitor last week.A black bear showed up on the woman's back deck Wednesday morning while the homeowner was making brownies. Trump Fires FBI [Read entire story]

TSA Holds Public Auction of Confiscated Items

The Transportation Security Administration collects millions of dollars in lost and confiscated items each year, which is then sold to law enforcement or sent to public auction. Pocket knives, watches, snow globes and [Read entire story]

Students Crawl Through Air Duct to Steal Finals Exam: Cops

Two University of Kentucky students are facing felony charges after allegedly crawling through an air duct to enter a professor's office and steal a copy of their final exam. WLEX's Conroy Delouche reports. [Read entire story]

Pigeon Sneaks Into Apartment, Lays Eggs in Pasta Strainer

Upon returning home from a vacation, a Brooklyn, New York, woman was surprised to find a pigeon with two eggs living inside her pasta strainer. [Read entire story]

Life-Size Ronald McDonald Statue Goes Missing in NJ

Authorities are looking into whether the Hamburglar has an alibi after someone stole a Ronald McDonald statue from a McDonald's in New Jersey. [Read entire story]

The Museum of Ice Cream Opens in Los Angeles

The Museum of Ice Cream opened a location in Los Angeles after it became a hit in New York City. The pop-up pop art experience features everything from a mint chocolate chip “grow room” to the famed “sprinkle [Read entire story]

UC Davis Now Sells Plan B and Condoms From a Vending Machine

Students at the University of California, Davis, can now purchase $30 Plan B emergency contraceptives, pregnancy tests, condoms and other personal care products from a vending machine. The idea came from UC Davis senior [Read entire story]

Lawmakers ‘Tricked’ Into Honoring Ku Klux Klansman

Lawmakers in Tennessee are crying foul after Republican Rep. Mike Sparks sneaked in a resolution to honor former Ku Klux Klansman Nathan Bedford Forrest with a bust under a different name. The resolution passed [Read entire story]

Drug Smuggler Turns Meth Into Art

A man's elaborate plan to deal drugs ended in disaster when detectives discovered he had pottery shipped to Florida that was covered with $600,000 worth of meth paste.Photo Credit: WFLA-TV [Read entire story]

Who’s The Fairest? ‘Most Beautiful Bulldog’ Takes Home Crown

Proud pet parents from Washington to Illinois bought their English bulldogs to vie for the title of "Most Beautiful Bulldog" at Drake University. Punk rockers, cheerleaders and one Audrey Hepburn walked and pranced for [Read entire story]