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Congress tells lawmakers: Wait to buy Twitter

Federal lawmakers and staffers got a reminder notice from the House Ethics Committee warning them not to buy shares of Twitter until they begin trading and are widely available to the public, according to a report on [Read entire story]

Fire at Internet Archive; Web History Safe

The Internet Archive's San [Read entire story]

8 reasons voters rejected 8 Washington

San Francisco voters on Tuesday resoundingly rejected a referendum that would have allowed construction of a highrise waterfront residential development at 8 Washington St. The vote on Proposition C overturned the Board [Read entire story]

Dot-com darling LookSmart makes reverse stock split

LookSmart Ltd., a digital advertising company that soared high in the dot-com boom at the turn of the century, reduced the number of its outstanding shares by a reverse stock split. At 5 p.m. on Tuesday, the reverse [Read entire story]

Angry Tenderloin tenants to protest Twitter IPO tomorrow

While Twitter’s planned initial public offering tomorrow stands to make a lot people very happy — and some very rich — it’s not a cause for celebration for all. Dozens of San Francisco residents and a number of [Read entire story]

Pinterest hires SF Chronicle president

Pinterest, a richly funded online content collection and discovery website, has hired newly appointed San Francisco Chronicle President Joanne Bradford to be head of partnerships. "We're thrilled to confirm that Joanne [Read entire story]

Barracuda IPO Stokes Tech Fever

Investors aren't waiting for Twitter; they're already pouring money into another Silicon Valley IPO. As we await Twitter's final pricing, Barracuda Networks is stoking Bay Area IPO interest, popping by about 20% on its [Read entire story]

Twitter price may go to $27: report

Twitter's underwriters plan to price its stock at $27 per share later today if demand for the shares holds, according to a report on CNBC, which cited unnamed sources. On Monday, Twitter previously raised the estimated [Read entire story]

Marin General Hospital "appears" to have won $394 million bond issue vote

Marin General Hospital appears to have come out on top in Tuesday's vote on a $394 million bond measure, but hospital officials are leery of declaring victory in the tight tally until all votes are counted. At the end [Read entire story]

Tesla’s Elon Musk wants to build giant battery factory

Investors clearly expected great things from Tesla Motors’ third quarter earnings report, released Tuesday. The upstart automaker beat Wall Street’s expectations, posting a pro-forma profit of $15.9 million — or 12 [Read entire story]

Tesla Motors delivers 5,500 cars in third quarter, loses $38.5 million

Tesla Motors Inc. delivered 5,500 vehicles -- about 10 percent more than it had expected -- in the September quarter, but even with revenue of $431.3 million in the quarter, it still lost $38.5 million. Still, the [Read entire story]

Google Helpouts connects users with expert advice

The service, called Helpouts, began taking calls for help Tuesday and offers connections to more than 1,000 merchants, instructors, websites and health care specialists who cleared Google's background checks. Helpouts [Read entire story]

Calendar crunch makes case for ending Black Friday

The compressed season will cost retailers $1.5 billion in online sales alone, according to a report released Tuesday by Adobe that doesn't attempt to measure the fallout from lost in-store sales. The Thanksgiving-less [Read entire story]

Tesla’s quarterly numbers turn off investors

Investors clearly expected great things from Tesla Motors' third quarter earnings report, released Tuesday. The upstart automaker beat Wall Street's expectations, posting a pro-forma profit of $15.9 million - or 12 [Read entire story]

TechWomen of world unite in Silicon Valley

Founded by Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2011 and run by the Institute of International Education and the State Department, TechWomen brought ambitious female leaders in technology from the Middle East and Africa for a [Read entire story]

Five Prime licensing deal propels it into hot antibody-drug conjugate space

A Swiss company will use antibodies licensed from Five Prime Therapeutics Inc. to develop cancer drugs in one of the biotech industry's hottest areas, antibody-drug conjugates. South San Francisco-based Five Prime [Read entire story]

Kid privacy law compliance for apps tricky

Pretty much every app catering to children under 13 was in violation of the law, complained people across the software industry, and it was only a matter of time before the federal government would start handing down big [Read entire story]

Why only Blue Shield is delaying health policy cancellations

So far, Blue Shield of California's life and health insurance subsidiary is the only California health plan being required by regulators to delay proposed individual policy cancellations. Last night, the Business Times [Read entire story]

Twitter could suffer from post-IPO space squeeze

Twitter could suffer from post-IPO space squeeze

A space crunch in San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood could stymie Twitter’s growth as it develops into a mature, post-IPO tech giant. The Mid-Market neighborhood, an enclave that Twitter put on the technology [Read entire story]

A.G. Ferrari Foods picks up building in Alameda

A.G. Ferrari Foods picks up building in Alameda

Italian gourmet grocer A.G. Ferrari Foods recently bought a 17,000-square-foot industrial building at 2000 North Loop Road in Alameda for $1.78 million or about $104 per square foot. The retailer plans to use the space [Read entire story]