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Yahoo Chief Marissa Mayer Makes Headlines For Style, Substance

Oscar De [Read entire story]

Crowdsourcing for an online book

[...] he says it also makes sense, given the focus of his book: the people who laid the foundation of modern digital technology. Stein said books are digital places "where people congregate to hash out their thoughts [Read entire story]

Hopes for productivity revival in sharing economy

Emerging online services are connecting consumers such as Gray to a previously untapped universe of unused assets, enabling them to squeeze more value out of cars, designer dresses, baby toys and bedrooms that belong to [Read entire story]

Ship traffic for January 2, 2014

Due to arrive today SHIPFROMPORTAPL ScotlandKaohsiung, TaiwanOAKAPL WashingtonLong BeachOAKCAP PasleyLos AngelesOAKCMA CGM Corte RealLong BeachOAKManoaSeattleOAKMSC AltairLong BeachOAKOakland ExpressTacoma, Wash.OAKDue [Read entire story]

Payment apps remove social aspect from transactions

PayPal and others are trying to get in on this peer-to-peer payment market, as it's known, to keep finances as fluid as possible. Like e-mail, texts and most things digital, niche payment apps allow us to shed human [Read entire story]

Robotic surgery injury reports lacking, critics say

While a U.S. database lists reports of deaths and injuries sent to the Food and Drug Administration, the agency has no authority to force doctors to contribute. "The adverse-event reporting system is a disaster," said [Read entire story]

Ship traffic for January 01, 2014

Due to arrive Wednesday SHIPFROMPORTCMA CGM OrfeoLong BeachOAKNYK ApolloLos AngelesOAKDue to depart Wednesday SHIPTOPORTCrystal OceanIncheon, South KoreaOAKMatsoniaHonoluluOAKNew HorizonUnknownPBGSource: San Francisco [Read entire story]

Netflix tests different pricing for shared accounts

The test suggests that Netflix, with more than 40 million subscribers, is looking for ways to curb account sharing while providing viewers with more ways to watch, just as cable TV operators rent additional set-top boxes [Read entire story]

Soundhawk’s Rodney Perkins has an ear for hearing aids

Among the surgeon's friends - and sometime patients - were William Hewlett and David Packard; Intel's co-founder, Gordon Moore, and its former chief executive officer, Andy Grove; and Manhattan Project charter member [Read entire story]

PG&E rates rising with natural gas prices

Rising natural gas prices and - to a lesser extent - California's drive to use more renewable power will add $3.38 to the average homeowner's monthly Pacific Gas and Electric Co. bill in the new year, the utility [Read entire story]

Weighing risks and rewards in bond and loan funds

After inflation, cash-like investments (such as savings accounts and short-term Treasury bills) are likely to lose money. [...] it's extremely difficult, even for professionals, to know when to jump back into bonds, [Read entire story]

Shorenstein proposes Mid-Market apartment tower

Shorenstein proposes Mid-Market apartment tower

Twitter landlord Shorenstein Properties is doubling down on its Mid-Market investment with a proposed 301-unit midrise apartment tower at 1066 Market St. The development would be the first project by the newly-formed [Read entire story]

What is More Popular: FB, Twitter, LinkedIn?

If you put up a post and nobody sees it -- you didn't do it on Facebook. The Menlo Park powerhouse is still America's most-popular social network, with 71 percent of adults over the age of 18 clicking like on Facebook, [Read entire story]

UrbanSitter CEO talks about busiest day of the year

UrbanSitter CEO talks about busiest day of the year

As people across the country gather to plan how they’ll give 2013 a joyous sendoff and 2014 a happy welcome, some remember an important detail affecting those plans: the kids. With parents eager to spend one of the [Read entire story]

Twitter bulls stampede into the company’s options

Twitter bulls stampede into the company's options

Investors betting on Twitter shares moving even higher are buying call options aggressively. The total number of bullish Twitter options, or call options, outnumbered the bearish bets, or put options, for the first time [Read entire story]

QB3′s Reg Kelly awarded OBE by Queen Elizabeth II

QB3's Reg Kelly awarded OBE by Queen Elizabeth II

QB3 director and UCSF professor Reg Kelly has been awarded the OBE — the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire — by Queen Elizabeth II. A native of Scotland who received his undergraduate degree in physics from [Read entire story]

Private equity firms send their investors record $120 billion in 2013

Private equity firms send their investors record $120 billion in 2013

Private equity firms are having a very good year, taking advantage of rising markets to cash in on investments and send their fund investors an estimated $120 billion in 2013, according to figures from Cambridge [Read entire story]

Uber Prices to Surge on New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve will test out Uber's "surge pricing" service. Scott Budman reports. [Read entire story]

Ship traffic for December 31, 2013

Due to arrive Tuesday SHIPFROMPORTBaltoPort McNeill, British ColumbiaSFOCAP PasadoSuva, FijiOAKDusseldorf ExpressTacoma, Wash.OAKSeaspan FelixstowePortland, Ore.OAKSingapore ExpressLos AngelesOAKDue to depart [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo to pay $591 million to Fannie Mae

Lenders from Wells Fargo to Bank of America have agreed to pay Fannie Mae and its smaller competitor, Freddie Mac, for losses on soured mortgages as they seek to cap costs on loans originated before the housing [Read entire story]