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Bay Area biotech slashes half of staff after drug partnerships falter

Bay Area biotech OncoMed Pharmaceuticals will cut about half its staff in a bid to reduce costs, the company said Monday, after a series of stumbles in clinical trials left the firm struggling. Redwood City-based [Read entire story]

Waymo wants judge to boot engineer from self-driving car project

Self-driving car company Waymo is asking a federal judge to ban one of its former engineers from working on an Uber-backed autonomous car program, the latest twist in the companies' tussle over the alleged theft of trade [Read entire story]

Uber says if you #DeleteUber app on iPhone, it won’t continue to track you

Uber is pushing back against a report in the New York Times this weekend that it continued to track riders even after they'd wiped all personal data from iPhones, a practice which reportedly earned Travis Kalanick a [Read entire story]

Judge allows Oakland coal terminal lawsuit to proceed, denying city’s request to dismiss it

A federal judge ruled this week that a lawsuit brought by the developer of a proposed coal export terminal can proceed against the City of Oakland, which had passed laws to block the project. The plaintiff, the Oakland [Read entire story]

It’s a seller’s market again as prices surge across Bay Area and supply dwindles

The housing crunch in the Bay Area is intensifying, after new listings for homes plunged 12 percent from the same period last year and the median home price climbed into double digit increases year over year. The data [Read entire story]

UC Berkeley’s $1.7 million sexual harassment settlement its largest ever

A $1.7 million settlement paid by the University of California to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit brought against the former dean of UC Berkeley's law school is the largest such legal payment ever made by the college [Read entire story]

CEO apologizes for ‘hard-edged’ behavior

An Emeryville CEO who heads the high-profile security tech company Tanium and has been in the news lately for his allegedly abusive behavior of employees and exposing a hospital's computer network while making sales [Read entire story]

Oakland passes resolution asking businesses to create sanctuary workplaces

The Oakland City Council voted unanimously this week on a resolution that asks cities based there to create "sanctuary workplaces" for immigrant workers they may employ. The resolution asks businesses to abide by the [Read entire story]

The latest self-driving car contestant is a Chinese internet behemoth

Chinese tech giant Baidu will open up its self-driving technology to the open source community, in a bid to more rapidly advance its own autonomous vehicles unit and help it compete with giants in the space like Google [Read entire story]

BART finds solution to mysterious power surges that blitz its trains

BART is turning to magnets to help it end sudden power surges that have been frying cars and leaving riders stranded mid-commute, the agency said this week. "Voltage spikes Friday knocked 22 trains out of service on a [Read entire story]

Oakland solar company has $50 million sale approved post-bankruptcy

Oakland solar company Sungevity's $50 million sale to private equity firm Northern Pacific Group post-bankruptcy has been approved by a Delaware judge. The Wall Street Journal first reported the approval. Delaware judge [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo’s board faces shake-up as important vote approaches

Wells Fargo is facing increased pressure to replace most of its board in the wake of the fake accounts scandal, with a vote coming up at the annual shareholders' meeting next week. The Wall Street Journal cites sources [Read entire story]

East Bay city approves redevelopment plan for warehouse

The San Leandro Board of Zoning Adjustments has unanimously approved a plan to redevelop the former Georgia-Pacific Gypsum mill into a massive two-story warehouse with offices, loading docks and parking. The East Bay [Read entire story]

Here are the winners for this year’s Best Places to Work

The list is out: Here are the Bay Area companies that are the winners of this year's Best Places to Work in the Bay Area. The rankings of each of these 130 Bay Area companies will be unveiled on April 18, this upcoming [Read entire story]

KQED sells piece of the local airwaves spectrum to FCC for $95.4 million

The San Francisco Bay Area's public broadcast station KQED will relinquish six megahertz of broadcast spectrum to the Federal Communications Commission in exchange for $95.4 million. The funds far exceed KQED's annual [Read entire story]

Here’s what California paid to lure General Motors jobs to downtown San Francisco

The State of California on Thursday approved $91 million in tax breaks for 114 businesses statewide, including $8 million for General Motors to bring a development center to San Francisco. San Francisco self-driving car [Read entire story]

These are the most expensive homes sold on the Peninsula in 2016

If you're looking to spend at least $18 million on a dream home, the Bay Area's Peninsula is the right location to start looking. The 10 most expensive homes sold on the Peninsula in 2016 were far and away the most [Read entire story]

Uber used ‘Hell’ software to track Lyft and lure its drivers over, report says

Ride-hailing service Uber used software to track the presence of its main rival, Lyft, and kept track of drivers who drove for both companies in a bid to lure them into working for Uber only, a new report says. The [Read entire story]

Legacy of prominent Oakland contractor imperiled after indictment, as new legal questions arise

Three well-known Oakland contractors who were indicted last week for conspiring to cheat the government as part of bid-rigging schemes surrounding local development projects are now coming under increased scrutiny for [Read entire story]

Uber’s head of communications departs

Uber's head of communications and policy is leaving the company, CEO Travis Kalanick said in an internal memo obtained by the Business Times late Monday. “Rachel Whetstone, who heads up policy and communications [Read entire story]