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Buyer and Seller Beware: Tips for Protecting Your Data (sponsored)

The Equifax data breach, which exposed nearly 150 million citizens' personal information, drove home the point that cybercrime is affecting everyone, and industries like real estate are just as vulnerable because of the [Read entire story]

New law puts more bite into controlling bed bugs (sponsored)

Bed bugs may be a cringe-inducing topic, but they also cause sleepless nights for both landlords and tenants. On July 1, a new California law went into effect which sets out specific obligations for both sides of the [Read entire story]

What Tax Reform might mean for homeowners (sponsored)

The President's tax reform plan is already generating considerable discussions in the real estate industry, as well as pointed questions raised by homeowners about what it might mean for them. [Read entire story]

Are you really prepared for the home buying process? (sponsored)

Are you really prepared for the home buying process? Imagine finding your "dream home." You have your pre-approval letter in hand. You make a competitive offer, confident that you will come out the "winner." And then [Read entire story]

Building your real estate dream team (sponsored)

Real estate is a team sport and whether you want to sell or buy a home, you'll need a dream team to make sure the process as smooth as possible. From financial professionals, to service contractors, to inspectors, there [Read entire story]

Pitfalls to avoid in selling your home (sponsored)

Pitfalls to avoid in selling your home. It's not unusual for first-time homebuyers to make mistakes in the complex real estate transaction process, but what if you're a first-time seller? Are there land mines you can [Read entire story]