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For the average U.S. home price, San Franciscans can buy a home the size of a shipping container

The average price of a house in the United States is $200,700. For the same price, San Franciscans could afford a home the size of a shipping container. [Read entire story]

The wackiest whiskers at the 2017 World Beard and Moustache Championship

To win the World Beard and Moustache Championship one needs style, creativity and a surplus of hair follicles. Competition was stiff at this year's contest, largely due to all the hairspray in the air, which took place [Read entire story]

You’ll soon see Giants in the sky, thanks to special SF Alaska Airlines plane

The San Francisco Giants logo will soon soar through the skies, about 30,000 feet above the nearest baseball field. [Read entire story]

You’ll soon see Giants in the sky, thanks to special SF Alaska Airlines plane

The San Francisco Giants logo will soon soar through the skies, about 30,000 feet above the nearest baseball field. [Read entire story]

Zach Braff learns he’s the face of Russian erectile dysfunction billboards

When Zach Braff discovered an unauthorized photo of himself on a Russian billboard, he shared a photo with his Twitter followers. Little did he realize, the sign was advertising male enhancement pills. The actor's [Read entire story]

Consumer sue Annie’s for labeling its Naturals salad dressings as ‘natural’

Two consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Annie's Homegrown for falsely labeling its salad dressings as "natural." [Read entire story]

Rent here, buy there: The first house these Bay Area residents purchased wasn’t in the Bay Area

For these Bay Area residents, the first property they bought was far from home.  [Read entire story]

Burger battle: In-N-Out suing Smashburger over ‘Triple Double’

In-N-Out has filed a lawsuit against Denver-based competitor Smashburger, alleging the fast food chain infringed upon its burger trademarks with the "Smashburger Triple Double."The lawsuit accuses Smashburger of [Read entire story]

SF startup, the ‘Fyre Festival of wireless earbuds,’ shutters

A San Francisco-based startup has shut down operations, leaving many customers who paid upwards of $139 for a pair of wireless earbuds empty-handed. Like many startups that came before, Kanoa Inc. ran out of capital, [Read entire story]

Steph Curry apparently crashes random house party, guzzles Bud Light

Stephen Curry crashed a house party in Newport, R.I. this weekend and guzzled down beers with the shocked guests, one of whom shared the chance encounter on Instagram. [Read entire story]

Tech CEOs before and after they made it big

SFGATE consulted the photo archives and found that a little time – and a lot of money – has had a transformative effect on many tech CEOs. [Read entire story]

Bill Murray, Emma Stone spotted wining and dining around Bay Area recently

Since the NBA Championship swept through the Bay Area, bringing with it the likes of Rihanna, Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, the region has been lacking in public star sightings. Celebrities, it would seem, have warmer vacation [Read entire story]

‘Tinder is the Night’: Classic books reimagined for hipsters, courtesy of Twitter

Egged on by late-night game show "Midnight," Twitter users reimagined literary classics with hipster titles, and the results were hilarious and revelatory. [Read entire story]

Opening night of SF art show dedicated to La Croix has already sold out

As confirmation of the zeitgeist, the low-brow beverage is now the subject of a high-brow art show by San Francisco-based artist fnnch. The Friday night opening of "9 Cans of LaCroix" at The SUB, an artist collective in [Read entire story]

Migos kicked off Delta flight hours before show, manager threatens to sue

Rap group Migos was removed from a Delta flight Friday, en route to a concert in Des Moines.TMZ shared a video showing the three Migos – Quavo, Offset and Takeoff – and their manager arguing with Delta Airlines staff [Read entire story]

Here’s where celebrities hung out around the Bay Area in June

Summer fog slunk into the San Francisco this June, as did a gaggle of celebrities. They came to perform, to explore and to celebrate. [Read entire story]

Inside City Hall, artist Jeremy Fish created 100 drawings of San Francisco in 100 days

You've probably seen traces of Jeremy Fish around the city. There's the ship in North Beach, the walruses above Upper Playground and, of course, the "silly pink bunny" on Haight Street.Fish has left an indelible mark on [Read entire story]

Prada introduces the $185 paperclip

The generic office paperclip holds loose pages together, but the Prada paperclip holds loose dollar bills. Such ordered money comes at a cost, though. Barneys New York is selling the Prada paperclip for $185. [Read entire story]

Marin lands major film: Paramount shooting blockbuster in San Rafael

Paramount Pictures is shooting a feature film in Marin this week. [Read entire story]

You’ll hardly recognize San Francisco in these vintage postcards from the 1939-40 Expo

"Wish You Were Here," an exhibition sponsored by the Treasure Island Museum elevates vintage postcards to their rightful status as museum-worthy objects. The collection of postcards from the 1939-1940 Golden Gate [Read entire story]