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Iconic Flintstone house welcomes new residents – a herd of massive dino sculptures

Prehistoric flair has been added to the iconic hillside of the Hillsborough home locals call the Flintstone House. [Read entire story]

Tiny homes go mobile with Calif. designer’s extravagant car-top creations

Tiny homes are cute, trendy and affordable, but you can't take them with you. Lance Peterson changed that. [Read entire story]

‘Stranger Things’ star takes yearbook pics with NorCal teen after she got 25K retweets

"Stranger Things" star David Harbour posed in a series of hilarious yearbook photos with a Northern California high school student after she beat his Twitter challenge. [Read entire story]

Bay Area toddler goes viral after crashing professor dad’s live TV interview

Daniel Smith-Rowsey, a film historian and adjunct professor at St. Mary's College in Moraga, was in the midst of a Skype interview with Al-Jazeera English when the live broadcast took a sudden turn. His five-year-old [Read entire story]

Famous San Francisco movie and TV houses: Here’s how much they actually cost

We tracked down some of the most famous houses from movies and television and calculated what they really would cost. [Read entire story]

People found their doppelgangers in art museums and the results are fantastic

People across the country are finding themselves in art – literally. Cohorts of Degas doppelgangers and Turner twins have taken to Twitter to share photos of themselves standing in front of their painting look-alikes. [Read entire story]

New Chicago Apple store reportedly having issues with dangling icicles and falling snow chunks

Chicago's new flagship Apple store has been called an architectural marvel by critics. The transparent building features a sleek silver roof that resembles a closed MacBook, as well as a public plaza intended as a [Read entire story]

The strangest places we spotted celebrities around the SF-Bay Area this year

San Francisco is not exactly a city brimming with celebrities. There's certainly the rich and the famous, but they're often disguised in grey hoodies and sneakers. [Read entire story]

Old iPhones slow down with iOS updates, study finds

A new study cracks open a question almost as old as the smartphone revolution: Do iPhones slow down after software updates? [Read entire story]

Kevin Durant kisses Warriors fan after errant ball smacks her in the face

Getting smacked in the face with an errant basketball hurts, but a smooch from an NBA star might just make up for it. [Read entire story]

A shocking number of Americans have roommates – but that number is even higher in SF

Flying the coop was once a young adult rite of passage, but according to a new report, many Americans are returning home to roost or seeking out roommates. [Read entire story]

East Bay Costco kerfuffle: Opponents take their cause to court

An East Bay group is suing Pleasanton in an attempt to overturn the city's approval of a new Costco store. [Read entire story]

SF renters are now facing another, very bizarre headache

Finding a room in the Bay Area induces enough headaches, but some house hunters have run into a bizarre roadblock – urgings to join a roommate-matching website called Roomster before they can visit the advertised [Read entire story]

This fictitious story about bad sex has everyone on Twitter talking

A short story published in the latest issue of the New Yorker has gone viral in what is, quite possibly, the first time a work of short fiction has accomplished such a feat. [Read entire story]

Watch Steph Curry make insane trick shot – with his foot

Steph Curry soccer pro? Watch the Warrior make amazing shot with a punt  [Read entire story]

Thidwick Books closing after nearly 20 years in San Francisco

Thidwick Books in San Francisco's Richmond District will be closing its doors at the end of December. [Read entire story]

Thidwick Books closing after nearly 20 years in San Francisco

Thidwick Books in San Francisco's Richmond District will be closing its doors at the end of December. [Read entire story]

Julia Roberts goes on Mission District shopping spree for 50th birthday

Roberts, her faced covered by sunglasses, "made a point to stay undercover" as she purchased a shirt and pair of pants, one retail worker said. [Read entire story]

Indie rockstar apologizes for ‘gross’ onstage antics at SF concert

Los Angeles-based indie rocker Ariel Pink took to Twitter Wednesday to address some of his "gross" onstage antics during an Oct. 14 show at the Chapel in San Francisco. [Read entire story]

Kevin Durant buys a slice of Pieology

Kevin Durant has his eye on the pie. [Read entire story]