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‘Tinder is the Night’: Classic books reimagined for hipsters, courtesy of Twitter

Egged on by late-night game show "Midnight," Twitter users reimagined literary classics with hipster titles, and the results were hilarious and revelatory. [Read entire story]

Opening night of SF art show dedicated to La Croix has already sold out

As confirmation of the zeitgeist, the low-brow beverage is now the subject of a high-brow art show by San Francisco-based artist fnnch. The Friday night opening of "9 Cans of LaCroix" at The SUB, an artist collective in [Read entire story]

Migos kicked off Delta flight hours before show, manager threatens to sue

Rap group Migos was removed from a Delta flight Friday, en route to a concert in Des Moines.TMZ shared a video showing the three Migos – Quavo, Offset and Takeoff – and their manager arguing with Delta Airlines staff [Read entire story]

Here’s where celebrities hung out around the Bay Area in June

Summer fog slunk into the San Francisco this June, as did a gaggle of celebrities. They came to perform, to explore and to celebrate. [Read entire story]

Inside City Hall, artist Jeremy Fish created 100 drawings of San Francisco in 100 days

You've probably seen traces of Jeremy Fish around the city. There's the ship in North Beach, the walruses above Upper Playground and, of course, the "silly pink bunny" on Haight Street.Fish has left an indelible mark on [Read entire story]

Prada introduces the $185 paperclip

The generic office paperclip holds loose pages together, but the Prada paperclip holds loose dollar bills. Such ordered money comes at a cost, though. Barneys New York is selling the Prada paperclip for $185. [Read entire story]

Marin lands major film: Paramount shooting blockbuster in San Rafael

Paramount Pictures is shooting a feature film in Marin this week. [Read entire story]

You’ll hardly recognize San Francisco in these vintage postcards from the 1939-40 Expo

"Wish You Were Here," an exhibition sponsored by the Treasure Island Museum elevates vintage postcards to their rightful status as museum-worthy objects. The collection of postcards from the 1939-1940 Golden Gate [Read entire story]

Boots Riley filming movie in Oakland this month

Rapper-producer Boots Riley will reportedly film a new movie in Oakland later this month. [Read entire story]

Photos: Warriors party at San Francisco nightclub, reportedly down 80 bottles of champagne

While fans partied on the streets of Downtown Oakland after the NBA championship, the Warriors headed across the Bay to a San Francisco nightclub. [Read entire story]

Kardashians cause a stir at Game 4 of NBA Finals; Jeff Van Gundy chimes in

Cleveland is thousands of miles from Hollywood, but that didn't stop the Kardashians from cheering on the Cavaliers at Game 4 of the NBA Finals Friday night. [Read entire story]

#MyWorstSummerJob: Twitter users share their hilarious stories

Summertime for the young and able can be bittersweet. School's out for the season, but extra spending money must be earned and boredom abated. [Read entire story]

Draymond Green’s mom gets in altercation with Cavalier fans

The Golden State Warriors blazed to victory in Game 3 of the NBA Finals Wednesday night, and some dejected Cleveland Cavaliers fans decided to take it up with Draymond Green's mother. [Read entire story]

Revisit the 1967 Monterey International Pop with these historic photos

Sights from the inaugural Monterey International Pop Festival of 1967. [Read entire story]

49ers, Raiders punters hilariously critique Steph Curry’s celebratory high kick

Although hardly the most memorable moment from last night's NBA Finals game, Stephen Curry's high kicks were certainly meme-able. [Read entire story]

Oakland native to perform national anthem at Game 1 of NBA Finals

Before the Golden State Warriors face the Cleveland Cavaliers at Game 1 of the NBA Finals, a Grammy-winning Bay Area native will sing the national anthem. [Read entire story]

Famous San Francisco movie and TV houses: Here’s how much they actually cost

We tracked down some of the most famous houses from movies and television and calculated what they really would cost. [Read entire story]

Reese Witherspoon shocks Stanford student while visiting old dorm room

Stanford apparently maintains an air of sentimentality for Reese Witherspoon. On Saturday, she dropped by her old school and made a stop at her former dorm room. [Read entire story]

The most in-demand Bay Area workplaces, according to LinkedIn

Silicon Valley dominates LinkedIn's "Top Companies" report, an annual ranking of the most in-demand workplaces in the U.S. [Read entire story]

Kids’ cute letters score family a coveted house in San Francisco

A brother and sister's handwritten letters sealed the deal for a seller who had 15 offers on the table, writes realtor Alexander Clark on his blog the Front Steps. According to the post, the letters "pulled at the heart [Read entire story]