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S.F. fintech AlphaFlow raises seed round from former hedge fund manager Steven Cohen

San Francisco-based AlphaFlow, an automated alternative investment platform for those investing in residential real estate loans, raised a seed round of $4.1 million from several investors, including Steven Cohen. [Read entire story]

Mechanics Bank CEO sees M&A heating up; will a Bay Area bank be acquired?

Mechanics Bank CEO John DeCero told the San Francisco Business Times that the banking industry has gotten older — older boards, directors and CEOs. That could spur more merger-and-acquisition activity. [Read entire story]

New crop of fintechs partners with brokers and lenders as they disrupt real estate

Why disrupt brokers and lenders when you can partner — and profit — instead? [Read entire story]

Exclusive: S.F. fintech Plaid moves to larger HQ amid explosive growth

San Francisco-based Plaid, which connects some of the hottest fintech apps to their users’ bank accounts, has moved to a new headquarters that’s more than double the startup’s previous home base. [Read entire story]

Oakland startup Mynd seeks to disrupt residential property management

Oakland-based Mynd wants to be a residential property manager operating nationwide in five to seven years. That means Mynd's first acquisition of a San Diego property manager won't be its last. [Read entire story]

California Treasurer calls for board members’ removal at Wells Fargo

California State Treasurer John Chiang says these Wells Fargo board members "must be held accountable for allowing greed to time and again trump integrity." [Read entire story]

Fintech Robinhood chooses Orlando for regional headquarters, 200 jobs

Stock-trading app Robinhood is joining the stampede of Bay Area fintechs heading to lower-cost cities to create jobs. Utah and Florida are among the big winners. [Read entire story]

I asked Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan why he’s still running the bank — here’s what he said

Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan hosted a media call Thursday morning that provided an opportunity for the San Francisco Business Times to ask a couple tough questions. [Read entire story]

Getting ready to move forward: BPM’s Jim Wallace on accounting innovation and expansion

Jim Wallace has been in accounting for over 30 years. Now at the head of BPM, he's got his eye on innovation and expansion. [Read entire story]

Opendoor expands into mortgages as CEO envisions ‘one click’ home buying

Opendoor CEO Eric Wu says new mortgage brokerage service "gets us one step closer to making it possible for people to buy a home in one click." [Read entire story]

Oakland fintech Marqeta hunts for new headquarters space

Uber’s decision last week to scrap its Oakland expansion hasn't cooled Marqeta founder and CEO Jason Gardner's enthusiasm for the East Bay's largest city. [Read entire story]

Money talks: Bay Area foundations write checks as alt-right descends upon S.F.

Some of the Bay Area’s most prominent foundations are writing checks to a new fund, No Hate SF, to counter the extreme rhetoric that’s expected to be heard in the streets of San Francisco this weekend as the [Read entire story]

Mortgage fintech Blend raises $100 million as it works with Wells Fargo

Blend, one of several San Francisco fintech companies working behind the scenes to help big banks serve their customers, has a voracious appetite for talent and office space in the Bay Area. [Read entire story]

Clorox CEO says Amazon’s grocery service delivered surprises, including a boost in its ecommerce growth

Clorox CEO Benno Dorer told the San Francisco Business Times that the growth of AmazonFresh and similar services signals broader consumer adoption of online grocery shopping. [Read entire story]

Why Stripe co-founder says so many ambitious entrepreneurs are college drop-outs

Stripe President John Collison said starting a company is often driven by deep dissatisfaction with the way the world works. [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo creates event spaces for Bay Area nonprofits

Wells Fargo opened a 9,000-square-foot shared workspace in downtown San Francisco that’s used by bank employees during the day and available to nonprofits in the evening at no cost. [Read entire story]

San Francisco’s booming housing market could feel ‘major impact’ from recession

San Francisco’s booming housing market could get whacked in the next recession, which is most likely to occur before the end of 2020, Zillow says. [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo makes sweeping changes to its board

Wells Fargo said Tuesday that the bank has taken what it calls “board refreshment actions” as it struggles to right the ship from a series of scandals that have damaged its once-sterling reputation as Main Street’s [Read entire story]

S.F. fintech Earnest cuts sweet deal to bring 500 jobs to Utah

Earnest joins a financial stampede to Salt Lake City, where Goldman Sachs and San Francisco-based fintechs are drawn to the city's talent pool and lower cost of living. [Read entire story]

S.F. real estate fintech Opendoor hiring to expand into Raleigh, Atlanta

San Francisco-based Opendoor is hiring for expansion in two southern boomtowns, saying that "vibrant markets like Atlanta and Raleigh … have a good demand-supply mix, great affordability and give us access to great [Read entire story]