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Here are San Francisco’s most expensive luxury condo buildings

The number of sales in the San Francisco luxury condo market hit a new high in June, after a year when global political and economic events put a damper on activity, according to a new report from Paragon Real Estate [Read entire story]

Would you pay $225 for this haute cuisine tasting menu at the new China Live eatery?

China Live opened this spring with the promise of elevating high-end Chinese food in San Francisco. Its new haute cuisine restaurant Eight Tables, scheduled to open next month, is firmly centered on that goal. The [Read entire story]

Quizlet smartens up its expanding edtech products

The company’s online platform allows users to create sets of terms or learning concepts and test themselves and others using flashcards and games. After more than a decade of bootstrapping operations, the startup took [Read entire story]

Streamlined federal guidelines may ‘unleash’ autonomous vehicle industry

The goal, according to the report, is to create a more uniform regulatory environment, while ensuring that the government does not “impede progress with unnecessary or unintended barriers to innovation.” [Read entire story]

Meet the innovators, investors and creatives of 2017′s Upstart 50

Before launching our new Upstart 50 publication, we asked ourselves: What sets the Bay Area apart? The answer? The people who fuel the region’s business creation. Our challenge was then crafting an issue that [Read entire story]

Upstart 50 Creative and Meta CEO Meron Gribetz shares his vision of the future of work

Meta’s headset, called the Meta 2 – which retails for $949 – now produces a display with photorealistic images, allowing users to see and modify prototypes in real-time, telepresence in remote workers for meetings [Read entire story]

Meet the Creatives on the Upstart 50 list

Fighting against all odds, rebelling against the status quo, and defining what the next generation of innovation will look like — these are the goals that some of the most disruptive Bay Area innovators strive [Read entire story]

Talking Uber, housing and Twitter beefs on our Structures Podcast

We discuss what Uber's efforts to sell Uptown Station development means for Oakland their new IPO timeline as outlined by the San Francisco company's new CEO. [Read entire story]

Here are the 15 highest-paid Bay Area UC employees for 2016 — and none of them are women

The 15 highest paid University of California employees in the Bay Area for 2016 includes a handful of high-profile names, but no women. The figures are mainly medical and surgery professors within the system who command [Read entire story]

Study finds whiter Bay Area cities are shirking their affordable housing goals

Whiter Bay Area cities are held to a lower standard in terms of affordable housing goals, according to new research from UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute. The study looked at Census data compared to the housing benchmarks [Read entire story]

Here are the Bay Area cities where prices have risen the most

The 10 Bay Area cities with the fastest housing appreciation over the past five years are located across the region and aren't traditionally the most sought-after communities. Yet they’ve all have seen their housing [Read entire story]

Could this Facebook-funded study accelerate the timetable for a new Bay crossing?

Facebook put up the money for the study in January 2016 in hopes of finding new ways to get employees from the East Bay to its main campus in Menlo Park. [Read entire story]

After downsizing affordable housing in Marin, lawmaker proposes taxing corporations to fund it elsewhere

State lawmaker that lowered affordable housing requirements for Marin County wants to raise corporate taxes to fund affordable housing elsewhere. [Read entire story]

Dads of daughters make better venture capital partners, which leads to higher returns

The latest research from Harvard University shows that hiring more women investment partners leads to better VC fund performance. [Read entire story]

Mapped: Do you live on one of San Francisco’s private streets?

Do you live or work on one of the more than 250 street segments in the city that are private? [Read entire story]

How Yelp is providing maternity care rating data to make hospitals more ‘shoppable’

A new partnership with the nonprofit California Health Care Foundation means that clinical maternity data like C-section rates will be displayed on Yelp hospital listings. [Read entire story]

Talking BART development, parking and co-living on our Structures Podcast

Why does it take so long to build on BART land? Listen to this week's Structures Podcast to find out. [Read entire story]

Here’s where the Bay Area’s ‘best-value’ neighborhoods are located, according to Trulia

The Bay Area’s “best-value” neighborhoods for first-time homebuyers have one major thing in common, according to a report from San Francisco real estate company Trulia: they’re all located on the [Read entire story]

How the Warriors requirement for a 30-year ‘membership’ fee to buy season tickets will work

Exact pricing for the membership haven’t been released, but team officials said half of the stadium’s roughly 12,000 season tickets will come with a per-seat cost of less than $15,000 and the other half costing more. [Read entire story]

Kitty Hawk hunts commercial drone market

The company sells its platform in a tiered “freemium” pricing model. Kitty Hawk now has 32,000 users and 80,000 logged flights on its platform across a range of industries. [Read entire story]