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Warriors’ David West reveals the weirdest thing he’s been asked to autograph and it’s very gross

Luckily for Dub Nation, the culprit is not among them (unless the West-obsessed fan switched allegiances). [Read entire story]

Hunter Pence to serve as San Francisco barista for a day

Teammate Denard Span will also be serving up drinks. [Read entire story]

The Warriors are 27-1 since Klay Thompson signed a toaster — here’s the full toaster backstory

"I'm still a bit overwhelmed by the 'fame,' but then I realize that it's not really me that's famous. It's the toaster." [Read entire story]

Redditors who went on reality TV shows reveal how real (or fake) they were

Admit it: You've always wondered how "House Hunters" is made. [Read entire story]

Poor Zaza Pachulia couldn’t get an NBA Finals hat that fit his giant head

If the Warriors were riding high after sweeping unbeaten into the NBA Finals, at least one member of the squad was given a humbling reminder not to get too — dare we pun — big-headed. [Read entire story]

The bromance between Zaza Pachulia and Klay Thompson is real and beautiful

The Warriors are known for their off-the-court camaraderie, but one friendship is rising above the rest this season: The unlikely but adorable odd couple of Zaza Pachulia and Klay Thompson. [Read entire story]

Down 20 at the half, Steve Kerr returned to give the Warriors a halftime speech

Kerr, who has been away from the team since Game 3 of the first round, greeted his squad with a few calming words that no doubt had all the more impact because of his illness-forced absence. [Read entire story]

Warriors giving away free car flags on Thursday

The Warriors are giving away free decorative car flags today as part of a playoff promo. [Read entire story]

Non-Warriors fans are complaining about how boring the Warriors are

"The NBA playoffs are boring." "Seven signs that the Cavs and Dubs are bored." [Read entire story]

No dirt biking for me, Steph Curry assures anxious Bay Area sports fans

Bay Area sports fans still reeling from Madison Bumgarner's unfortunate dirt bike injury will be glad to hear that Stephen Curry is staying far away from bicycles. [Read entire story]

Which Warriors player has the best pregame style?

"You stress over outfits for days," Stephen Curry says. [Read entire story]

Hunter Pence got a cameo on the new Bill Nye Netflix show

Few people look more like a real-life mad scientist than Hunter Pence, so it's only natural that he made a guest appearance on 'Bill Nye Saves the World.' [Read entire story]

The weirdest injuries in sports history

They're sure to make you feel a little better about that time you burned yourself on the toaster. [Read entire story]

Iconic Ansel Adams print sells for $42,500 at auction

Part of the image's allure is in its origin story. [Read entire story]

Steph Curry deleted all social media apps for the playoffs, so who’s sending the ‘Lock In’ tweet?

Stephen Curry is on a social media cleanse. [Read entire story]

Kevin Durant’s new video series offers a peek into his amazing Bay Area home

Just in time for the playoffs, Kevin Durant has launched his own YouTube channel. [Read entire story]

Here’s where to sit at AT&T Park if you really want to catch a home run ball

For those with their hearts set on a special souvenir from their day at the ballpark, we've got a tip for you. [Read entire story]

Happy 2017 Giants Opening Day! Check out these historic pictures of baseball in SF

If you're not joining the legions of local workers calling in "sick" or if you're looking for something to kill a little time before first pitch, take a moment to enjoy some historic photos of baseball in San Francisco. [Read entire story]

Lynch’s agent deepens Raiders fans’ angst by saying Marshawn misses football

Raiders fans trapped on an emotional roller coaster won't love that Marshawn Lynch's agent just admitted the former Seahawks star misses football. [Read entire story]

Thunder fans won’t let it go, try to troll Kevin Durant with a cupcake on crutches

Although Kevin Durant's knee injury kept him out of Monday's game against the Thunder, OKC fans didn't spare him from more bitter mockery. [Read entire story]