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Steph Curry deleted all social media apps for the playoffs, so who’s sending the ‘Lock In’ tweet?

Stephen Curry is on a social media cleanse. [Read entire story]

Kevin Durant’s new video series offers a peek into his amazing Bay Area home

Just in time for the playoffs, Kevin Durant has launched his own YouTube channel. [Read entire story]

Here’s where to sit at AT&T Park if you really want to catch a home run ball

For those with their hearts set on a special souvenir from their day at the ballpark, we've got a tip for you. [Read entire story]

Happy 2017 Giants Opening Day! Check out these historic pictures of baseball in SF

If you're not joining the legions of local workers calling in "sick" or if you're looking for something to kill a little time before first pitch, take a moment to enjoy some historic photos of baseball in San Francisco. [Read entire story]

Lynch’s agent deepens Raiders fans’ angst by saying Marshawn misses football

Raiders fans trapped on an emotional roller coaster won't love that Marshawn Lynch's agent just admitted the former Seahawks star misses football. [Read entire story]

Thunder fans won’t let it go, try to troll Kevin Durant with a cupcake on crutches

Although Kevin Durant's knee injury kept him out of Monday's game against the Thunder, OKC fans didn't spare him from more bitter mockery. [Read entire story]

Which member of the SF Giants will make the most in 2017?

If the San Francisco Giants win the pennant in 2017, they'll do it with a cheaper roster than they had last year. [Read entire story]

Draymond wishes Steph Curry happy birthday with adorable baby Steph school photo

Draymond Green dug deep into the archives to wish a happy birthday to teammate Stephen Curry on Tuesday night. [Read entire story]

In honor of Steph Curry’s birthday, here are 15 things you didn’t know about the Warriors star

Today is Stephen Curry's 29th birthday and in honor of him, we've collected some of our favorite fun facts about the Warriors ace. [Read entire story]

Unlike you, Steph and Ayesha Curry got tickets to see ‘Hamilton’ last night

The Bay Area's First Couple used their clout for good on Sunday night, scooping you and your friends for tickets to see "Hamilton" at the Orpheum Theatre. [Read entire story]

Warriors send words of support to injured Kevin Durant

With Kevin Durant sidelined for at least four weeks, his Warriors teammates are expressing their support on social media. [Read entire story]

Steph Curry ducks out of timeout huddle to help fan win $5,000

Now THAT is an assist. [Read entire story]

Harbaugh jokes he’s due a ‘courage medal’ for coaching Jed York’s 49ers

It was a touchy topic for a while, but at least it looks like Jim Harbaugh can laugh about it all now. [Read entire story]

How the San Francisco Giants spent their offseason vacations

The San Francisco Giants may have ended the 2016 season with heartbreak against the Cubs, but they made up for it by filling their offseason with a ton of happy weddings. [Read entire story]

SF Giants get goofy, modelesque for 2017 Photo Day

If you've been looking longingly out the window, willing away the rain and thinking of spring, we've got some good news: Baseball's on its way back. [Read entire story]

49ers running back among NFL players to pull out of ‘goodwill’ trip to Israel

The all-expenses paid trip came under scrutiny last week when the Israeli tourism minister said that the participating players would be "ambassadors of goodwill for Israel." [Read entire story]

Four-year-old with one of the world’s rarest diseases flown out to meet the Warriors

Four-year-old Vaughn Barrier may not be able to speak, but his big smile said it all. [Read entire story]

Steve Young says he’d quit TV, but he wants to keep a ‘high profile’ for private equity partners

Steve Young's current employer may not be too pleased with his recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. [Read entire story]

Confusion over Tesla seats leads to erroneous child abduction report

A concerned citizen unfamiliar with the interior layout of Tesla cars erroneously reported a kidnapping in progress, police say. [Read entire story]

Michael Jordan burns Warriors owner to his face, tells him 73 wins ‘don’t mean s—’

You're going to have to do more than win 73 games to impress Michael Jordan. [Read entire story]