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Pete Carroll not concerned with 49ers starting quarterback

Carroll says the Seahawks are preparing for a type of quarterback, not necessarily one or the other. The San Francisco 49ers are starting C.J. Beathard at quarterback against the Seattle Seahawks, head coach Kyle [Read entire story]

49ers unofficial depth chart adds Sheldon Day, no big changes for Seahawks game

The 49ers have released their unofficial depth chart leading up to Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. The San Francisco 49ers released their unofficial depth chart for Sunday’s Week 12 game against the [Read entire story]

Former 49ers coach Chip Kelly reportedly might have deal with Florida, or maybe not

There are a lot of reports about the former San Francisco 49ers coach. Will he land with Florida, UCLA, or even a third team? Former San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly has reportedly agreed to terms with Florida [Read entire story]

Buffalo Bills revert dumbest move of NFL season, will start Tyrod Taylor in Week 12

The Bills just reverted perhaps the worst decision made in the NFL in a very long time. The Buffalo Bills will start Tyrod Taylor at quarterback in Week 12 against the Kansas City Chiefs, head coach Sean McDermott [Read entire story]

Today in d’awwww: 49ers DL DeForest Buckner is now engaged

Congrats to the newly-engaged couple! DeForest Buckner is quite possibly the best player on the San Francisco 49ers roster at this point. He’s playing for a losing team, but he’s playing well, making money and [Read entire story]

Steve Young bit the head off a raw fish because NFL pregame shows exist

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a Falcon. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young is one of the more entertaining broadcasters around, as far as I’m concerned. I enjoy listening to his commentary and of the [Read entire story]

Are the injury-heavy Seahawks the best opportunity for Jimmy Garoppolo to play?

With significant injuries on defense, are the Seahawks weakened enough for the 49ers to start Garoppolo? The Seattle Seahawks have lost three of their top five defensive players to injury this season. It’s never good [Read entire story]

49ers claim defensive lineman Sheldon Day off waivers from Jaguars

The 49ers have added a defensive lineman to the mix. The San Francisco 49ers have added another player to their roster in the form of defensive lineman Sheldon Day. He was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the [Read entire story]

Week 11 NFL TV schedule: Rooting guide for 2018 draft order

The 49ers won’t be playing on Sunday, but plenty of bad teams will be! The Cleveland Browns currently have the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, while our San Francisco 49ers are in line for the second. That [Read entire story]

Where has Eli Harold been for the 49ers?

Harold has had plenty of playing time but hasn’t made any impact plays for the 49ers. The San Francisco 49ers spent a third-round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft on Eli Harold, an outside linebacker with a high ceiling who [Read entire story]

What’s the future for the 49ers’ tight end position?

George Kittle has looked decent in limited time, but is he the starter going forward? The San Francisco 49ers moved on from Vance McDonald this season, rolling with rookie tight end George Kittle and veteran Garrett [Read entire story]

Kam Chancellor to miss rest of season, per report

The 49ers will likely see a Seahawks team without Kam Chancellor in Week 12. The Seattle Seahawks haven’t been hit by the injury bug nearly as bad as the San Francisco 49ers, but they could still be fairly shorthanded [Read entire story]

Comfortable or not, the 49ers need to see Jimmy Garoppolo in 2017

The 49ers don’t need to play him next week, but everybody needs to see him for at least a couple games. On Friday, San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo won’t be [Read entire story]

Is tackling technique to blame for 49ers defensive injuries?

Three safeties. Three broken bones. Three weeks. What’s going on? The San Francisco 49ers have an injury problem, though you already know that if you haven’t been living under a rock. It’s more than likely a long [Read entire story]

2018 NFL Draft: Which team presents the best chance at a Browns win?

The Browns own the top pick. Will they keep it? The San Francisco 49ers have been up against the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants when it comes to the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. San Francisco hurt [Read entire story]

49ers’ Reuben Foster absent from Pro Football Focus rookie rankings, with an asterisk

Foster has looked great but missed a sizable chunk of time with an injury. The folks over at Pro Football Focus have been ranking the top rookies in the NFL each week, and it’s always interesting to see where things [Read entire story]

49ers-Giants video: Carlos Hyde’s best runs from Week 10

We take a look at four of Carlos Hyde’s best runs against the Giants on Sunday. San Francisco 49ers running back Carlos Hyde had another productive day on Sunday against the New York Giants. He carried the ball 17 [Read entire story]

49ers-Giants film breakdown: Looking at the 3 sacks of Eli Manning

The 49ers sacked Eli Manning three times and allowed none themselves. We breakdown the three they earned on Sunday. The San Francisco 49ers managed to sack Eli Manning of the New York Giants three times in their win and, [Read entire story]

No halting the Jimmy Garoppolo era, but C.J. Beathard looks like a dependable backup

Have the 49ers found their long-term solution at backup quarterback? The San Francisco 49ers will give Jimmy Garoppolo the starting job sooner or later. I don’t know if it will be against the Seattle Seahawks after the [Read entire story]

49ers-Giants recap: Film from the 2nd half of team’s 1st win

Here’s a few interesting plays from the second half of 49ers vs. Giants. Things got out of hand in the second half of the San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants on Sunday. I actually stopped watching because the game [Read entire story]