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Attending bachelor parties may be keeping you from buying a home, Zillow says

The real estate site Zillow found that the average cost of attending nine bachelor or bachelorette parties in a person's lifetime comes out to well over the 20 percent down payment on a median-priced US home. Though, not [Read entire story]

JaVale McGee already owns the NBA Finals by wearing a Shaq hat to Game 1

The legend of JaVale McGee reached new heights before the Warriors' NBA Finals opener, proving there's no better way to declare yourself locked in for the greatest challenge of your life than wearing your nemesis on your [Read entire story]

Draymond Green’s greatest trash-talking hits

If everyone is guaranteed 15 minutes of fame, everyone is also guaranteed to be on the receiving end of some Dray trash talk before they die. [Read entire story]

Bay Area rents are falling everywhere, except where you’d think

A new report shows San Francisco and other perennially hot Bay Area rental markets seeing the biggest year-over-year drops in rent, and Concord and Petaluma seeing the biggest increases. [Read entire story]

Uber CEO promises ‘urgent investigation’ into former employee’s sex harassment claims

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick on Sunday announced an "urgent investigation" into detailed allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination by a former employee. [Read entire story]

Sacramento radio station drops all Kanye West songs ‘for a very long time’

Kanye West had some harsh words for the radio in Sacramento over the weekend, and at least one Sacramento radio station is striking back by taking him off the air "for a very long time." [Read entire story]

The ridiculous cost of having your entire life delivered for a day

In the app-happy Bay Area, we have the added luxuries of having all kinds of services brought to our homes: dry cleaners, handymen, and weed. Yes, even weed. With so much competition, a financial downturn could render [Read entire story]