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Man says his Apple AirPods emitted white smoke and exploded during a workout

A man is warning other Apple customers about their AirPods, after his personal pair of wireless headphones seemingly exploded during use at his gym. [Read entire story]

People finding success taking Equifax to small-claims court — using a chatbot

Some former customers are using a chatbot to sue Equifax in small-claims court — and are winning close to $10,000 in certain cases. [Read entire story]

New ‘cheaters edition’ of Monopoly set to debut in fall

If you like to be, say, "liberal" with the rules of Monopoly, this one's for you. [Read entire story]

‘Let’s go home’ – Tom Hanks shares photo of Bay Bridge online

Actor Tom Hanks showed off his Bay Area roots on social media Tuesday as he shared a blurry photo of the freeway sign for Oakland. [Read entire story]

Despite being nominated for Album of the Year, Lorde won’t be performing at 2018 Grammys

Lorde is one of five nominees up for Album of the Year at Sunday's Grammy Awards, but the singer was notably absent from the show's list of performers. [Read entire story]

Google app finds museum doppelgängers for selfie-takers around the world

Google's new app feature took over social media over the weekend as users discovered they could find their own museum painting doppelgänger via the Google Arts and Culture app. [Read entire story]

The Internet loves Tom Hanks for bringing a tray of drinks to his Golden Globes table

If various stories recounting Tom Hanks' Nice Guy attitude wasn't already convincing the actor also took up a side gig as a drink waiter at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards. [Read entire story]

Netflix sets up marriage proposal with help from Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant

There's been plenty of talk about Netflix expanding its offering of original shows and movies, but now the streaming service is branching out into viral marketing and ... marriage proposals. [Read entire story]

Aretha Franklin would like her fans to know that, yes, she is still alive

Aretha Franklin would like you all to know that she is very much alive, thank you very much. [Read entire story]

Apology generator website skewers apologies that follow celebrity scandal

The site takes on the standard-issue apologies that have followed sexual misconduct stories and created a website that skewers the typical post-scandal mea culpa. [Read entire story]

Terry Crews says Russell Simmons asked him to give agent ‘a pass’ on sexual assault

Actor Terry Crews shared a purported email from Russell Simmons which asked him to give the agent who allegedly sexually assaulted Crews "a pass" and to "ask that he be reinstated." [Read entire story]

Actor Jeffrey Tambor apparently leaves ‘Transparent’ following sexual harassment allegations

Tambor has denied allegations that he sexually harassed "Transparent" actress Trace Lysette. The actress said that Tambor made inappropriate comments on the set of the show and also physically pressed his body against [Read entire story]

Warriors’ Stephen Curry channels ‘Jigsaw’ at Oracle Arena with his Halloween costume

Basketball wasn't the only game on Stephen Curry's mind Sunday afternoon. [Read entire story]

Social media reacts to reports Tom Petty taken off life support

On Monday afternoon, celebrities and fans reacted via social media with shock and appreciation to the news that musician Tom Petty was taken off life support. Petty had been rushed to the hospital on Sunday night. [Read entire story]

Bonnie Tyler to perform ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ during Monday’s eclipse

Turn around: It's a total eclipse of the heart (and the sun, too). [Read entire story]

Spotify removes white supremacist hate bands from its online streaming catalog

Spotify confirmed Wednesday that it has removed a number of white supremacist hate bands the company discovered within its online streaming catalog. [Read entire story]

Rod Stewart helps fund children’s trip to protest proposed Medicaid cuts

A group of children with disabilities and their parents have Rod Stewart to thank, after the singer helped fund their trip to Washington, D.C. [Read entire story]

Stephen Curry surprises Navy veteran in new home

Stephen Curry surprised the disabled Navy vet at his New Jersey home. [Read entire story]

‘Game of Thrones’ likely to blame for bump in unwanted huskies in Bay Area, groups say

BASH and another Bay Area husky rescue, Northern California Sled Dog Rescue, have both seen their monthly rescue numbers double in recent years, and both attribute the popularity of the dogs to "Game of Thrones." [Read entire story]

Disney set to open an ‘immersive’ Star Wars-themed hotel in Orlando

Disney unveiled new plans to build a "100 percent immersive" Star Wars-themed hotel set to open in Walt Disney World in Orlando. [Read entire story]