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Bonnie Tyler to perform ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ during Monday’s eclipse

Turn around: It's a total eclipse of the heart (and the sun, too). [Read entire story]

Spotify removes white supremacist hate bands from its online streaming catalog

Spotify confirmed Wednesday that it has removed a number of white supremacist hate bands the company discovered within its online streaming catalog. [Read entire story]

Rod Stewart helps fund children’s trip to protest proposed Medicaid cuts

A group of children with disabilities and their parents have Rod Stewart to thank, after the singer helped fund their trip to Washington, D.C. [Read entire story]

Stephen Curry surprises Navy veteran in new home

Stephen Curry surprised the disabled Navy vet at his New Jersey home. [Read entire story]

‘Game of Thrones’ likely to blame for bump in unwanted huskies in Bay Area, groups say

BASH and another Bay Area husky rescue, Northern California Sled Dog Rescue, have both seen their monthly rescue numbers double in recent years, and both attribute the popularity of the dogs to "Game of Thrones." [Read entire story]

Disney set to open an ‘immersive’ Star Wars-themed hotel in Orlando

Disney unveiled new plans to build a "100 percent immersive" Star Wars-themed hotel set to open in Walt Disney World in Orlando. [Read entire story]

Dell Curry jumps into Lake Tahoe after losing golf bet to Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry may not have won the weekend's celebrity tournament in Lake Tahoe, but he did win in other ways. [Read entire story]

‘Night of the Living Dead’ director George A. Romero dies at age 77

George A. Romero, the director the "Night of the Living Dead" films and a pioneer of the zombie genre, has died at 77. [Read entire story]

Warriors’ Kevin Durant gets roasted at the ESPYs

KD, you knew that joke was coming. [Read entire story]

Kendrick Lamar to bring DAMN. pop-up store to San Francisco

Kendrick Lamar is doing a DAMN. pop-up. [Read entire story]

Steph and Ayesha Curry show off their ‘Hamilton’ singing skills for immigrant charities

Basketball, cooking and (now) singing ... [Read entire story]

Who was that pregnant Warriors fan attending the parade?

There was one person in particular who caught everyone's attention: Warriors fan Jasmine Culp. [Read entire story]

Warriors fans celebrate a Game 5 Finals win at home

Did you hear that uproarious cheer that just reverberated through the Bay Area? [Read entire story]

Ric Flair claims he was injured in a fight with a Warriors fan

WWE wrestling legend and Cavaliers fanboy, Ric Flair is flaunting a recent injury on social media, saying it came from a fight with a Warriors fan. [Read entire story]

Guy Fieri brings Flavortown to Game 2 of the Finals

The donkey sauce creator was among the early arrivals to watch the Golden State Warriors take on the Cleveland Cavaliers, resulting in this very Bay Area photo of Fieri and musician E-40. [Read entire story]

Warriors’ Barnes guesses how a ‘We Believe’-era team would do against the current lineup

Can you guess who won? [Read entire story]

‘Animaniacs’ is the latest 90s cartoon rumored to be making a comeback

Helllllooooooo nurse! [Read entire story]

Warriors’ Kevin Durant to debut new courts in Oakland

Oakland will unveil some freshened up basketball courts on Wednesday, thanks to Kevin Durant. [Read entire story]

Palo Alto-native Franco brothers sit courtside, snag photos with Steph Curry after Warriors Game 1

We see you, Franco bros. [Read entire story]

Nicki Minaj helped pay for tuition, student loans for a few lucky fans

Rapper Nicki Minaj spent part of her Saturday night acting as fairy godmother to a number of lucky fans. [Read entire story]