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Trump orders review of government cybersecurity

After a long delay, President Trump on Thursday ordered federal agencies to review how vulnerable they might be to cyberattacks and how they can limit the dangers. . The executive order left unclear precisely how much [Read entire story]

Federal officials tighten rules for programmers seeking H-1B visa

Federal immigration officials quietly shifted ground rules for the highly coveted H-1B work visa, just days before the federal government began accepting employers’ petitions Monday. Under new guidance issued late [Read entire story]

Plenty of demand seen in MuleSoft IPO

MuleSoft, which helps businesses tie software, devices and data together, is the first Bay Area company to go public in 2017. MuleSoft has expanded rapidly, posting $187.7 million in revenue last year — a 70 percent [Read entire story]

US suspends expedited processing for H-1B visas

H-1B visas allow highly skilled workers to spend three to six years at sponsoring companies in the U.S. They are particularly important to Bay Area technology firms, which use them to fill engineering [Read entire story]

Trump update: Trump cybersecurity order announcement canceled

Bloomberg News reported that the planned signing was delayed in part because of San Francisco’s lawsuit against President Trump over its sanctuary-city status. The legal response to that case as well as challenges to [Read entire story]