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New tools needed to track technology’s impact on jobs, panel says

America needs new tools for the timely measurement and monitoring of technology, jobs and skills to cope with the advance of artificial intelligence and automation, an expert panel composed mainly of economists and [Read entire story]

Robots not about to replace lawyers

Impressive advances in artificial intelligence technology tailored for legal work have led some lawyers to worry that their profession may be Silicon Valley’s next victim. [...] recent research and even the people [Read entire story]

Supporting science beyond the fair

The science fair has been an annual rite of education for generations of students, going back to the 1940s. [...] even the term “science fair” stirs stereotypical images of three-panel display boards and baking-soda [Read entire story]

SF startup gathers nation’s Medicaid data in cloud

Medicaid, which provides health care to low-income people, is administered state by state. Extracting, cleaning and collating the information from so many disparate and dated computer systems was an extraordinary [Read entire story]