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IRS starts to enforce health law’s rule that employers offer insurance

As Republicans and the Trump administration continue trying to chip away at the Affordable Care Act, the Internal Revenue Service has begun, for the first time, to enforce one of the law’s most polarizing provisions: [Read entire story]

Now Wells Fargo up to 3.5 million fraudulent accounts

Wells Fargo said Thursday that an internal review of its potentially fraudulent bank accounts had uncovered a total of 3.5 million such accounts, some 1.4 million more than it had previously estimated. [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo leaders reaped lavish pay as scandal unfolded

Top executives have surrendered more than $90 million in compensation, fired employees at all levels and vowed to clean house. [...] the top executives — particularly the current chief executive officer and his [Read entire story]

Banks shift from plastic to phones at ATMs

Customers who do not want to fumble around in their wallet for their ATM card — or who have misplaced it for the umpteenth time — will soon be able to unlock cash dispensers’ coffers by using their phone. [...] [Read entire story]

Foreclosure prevention returns to the unknown

At one bank, “the floor of the room in which the bank dumped the voluminous unopened HAMP applications actually buckled under the packages’ sheer weight,” according to a scathing oversight report. [...] it will be [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo scandal blocks severance pay for laid-off workers

Wells Fargo scandal blocks severance pay for laid-off workers The rules, part of which are intended to curb golden parachute packages, limit what payments Wells Fargo is permitted to make to terminated employees without [Read entire story]

Tax chains try sweeter pitch: no-fee loans

The nation’s big tax-preparation companies are so desperate for customers that they are willing to put money up front — with absolutely no hidden fees or interest charges, and no ironclad guarantees that the [Read entire story]