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Don’t overthink ‘Wish Upon,’ and you might have fun

For a movie that trawls so deeply into the preposterous, “Wish Upon” is very honest about the moral uncertainty of youth. Who among us, at age 17, wouldn’t have sacrificed a neighbor to a horrifying garbage [Read entire story]

‘Last Dalai Lama’ shows a spiritual leader at peace

[...] even he admits to a temper when it comes to Tibet’s continued frustrations with China, and the possibility that because of politics, he may be the 14th and final Dalai Lama. Mickey Lemle’s “The Last Dalai [Read entire story]

Hughley performs benefit for Pittsburg arts foundation

D.L. Hughley has tried a little bit of everything in the past 25 years, starring in the TV sitcom “The Hughleys,” traveling as one of “The Original Kings of Comedy,” working as a national radio host and [Read entire story]

San Anselmo-raised Arj Barker returns to Cobb’s in SF

San Anselmo-raised comic Arj Barker isn’t afraid to bring lowbrow elements into his comedy. Along with an entertaining “Flight of the Conchords” stint, he once did a flash animation series called “Arj and [Read entire story]

Singer-songwriter Richard Marx arrives at Uptown in Napa

In a four-album period from 1987 to 1994, Marx cranked out radio-ready singles at a breakneck pace, including “Hold on to the Nights,” “Right Here Waiting,” “Satisfied” and “Keep Coming Back.” Since his [Read entire story]

Young men of ‘Bertie’ balance helplessness and hope

Margaret Byrne’s documentary follows the trio for six of the most formative years of their lives, as they face educational challenges, fatherless homes and a hard uphill struggle with uncertain rewards. Byrne was a [Read entire story]

So-so ‘Rough Night’ binges on great comedy talent

The R-rated bachelorette party misadventure imagines an alternate reality where Scarlett Johansson is the awkward nerdy friend, and a house full of college-educated adults have no idea how DNA evidence works. “Rough [Read entire story]

Kamau Bell’s KALW show records at New Parish

W. Kamau Bell has at least a half dozen projects going on at any given time — including multiple podcasts, his CNN show “United Shades of America,” a new book, a stand-up tour … and on and on. [...] the Berkeley [Read entire story]

Comic Doug Benson bringing ‘Doug Loves Movies’ podcast to Cobb’s

Doug Benson was a popular stand-up comedian in the late 1980s and 1990s, before he gained even more fame in one of the earliest waves of star podcasters. 4:20 is not an accident — Benson is an outspoken marijuana [Read entire story]

T.J. Miller talks about ‘Silicon Valley’ departure ahead of Clusterfest performances

T.J. Miller has no shortage of work — he voices the lead character and executive produces “The Gorburger Show” on Comedy Central, has an upcoming stand-up special on HBO and will star in Steven Spielberg’s [Read entire story]

New ‘Captain Underpants’ is filled with holes

Sometimes children, especially at the end of the school year, deserve to wallow in a little potty humor. Not every family-friendly movie needs to be filled with “Inside Out”-style Trojan horse [Read entire story]

Sunset Shipwrecks play Bottom of the Hill

The Sunset Shipwrecks 2016 album “Community” was a tribute to San Francisco and also a blast of rage, written and performed by Bay Area music veterans who have struggled to remain in the community they love. The [Read entire story]

‘Buena Vista’ follow-up for completists only

Buena Vista Social Club: The charming players from the 1999 documentary “Buena Vista Social Club” are included, with new backgrounds, storytelling and context. The Buena Vista Social Club was a group of Cuban [Read entire story]

Carnaval San Francisco returns to Mission District

Carnaval San Francisco is a steady tradition in the city, celebrating 39 years of music, dancing, food, drink and art. Carnaval shuts down several city blocks in the Mission, offering a mostly volunteer-run, [Read entire story]

Comedy pioneer Mort Sahl celebrates with book signing

Modern sociopolitical comedy began in the 1950s with Mort Sahl, who would enter the hungry i and other San Francisco clubs with newspaper in hand and riff on the events of the day. Mort Sahl and the Birth of Modern [Read entire story]

Ex-pitcher Barry Zito brings music to GAMH

Most Bay Area baseball fans didn’t know what to expect when former San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s pitcher Barry Zito released his first music EP, “No Secrets,” last year. There’s a vulnerability in his [Read entire story]

Bathed in 1980s glory, U2 fans find what they’re looking for

The band walked down an aisle one by one on Wednesday night at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara as if they were in a wedding processional, each joining an extended instrumental opening of “Sunday Bloody [Read entire story]

‘Long Haul’ has barf jokes plus a few good laughs

The formula is maybe 70 percent attention to the plot, and 30 percent setup and execution of barf, poop and flatulence jokes. A “Wimpy Kid” movie has about as much chance of enduring cinematic greatness as a Chuck [Read entire story]

Rap legend Too $hort performs hometown show in Oakland

The rapper and do-it-yourself entrepreneurial legend returns home to the Fox Theater on Friday, May 19, for a solo show — no doubt playing some 1980s classics Life is … Too $hort and “The Ghetto” and newer [Read entire story]

Haunted mini-golf course hidden gem in Concord

Daryn Coleman’s dream of building animatronics at Disneyland lasted only a few years in the 1970s — he missed the window for the golden age of theme park robotics. [...] he created his own magic kingdom in an [Read entire story]