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Not dead yet: ‘Coco’ is a slow build, with huge rewards

Surprises are so much harder to find in cinema, with previews and social media and marketing demands — and a willingness to break down elements of a film that no one has seen. The recent “Thor: [Read entire story]

Eclectic and deep Sketchfest 2018 includes Gervais, Cavett, Burr

The founders of SF Sketchfest announced the 2018 lineup Wednesday, Nov. 14, revealing another wide-ranging roster of funny people including TV star Ricky Gervais, comic’s comic Bill Burr, 1960s-70s talk show host Dick [Read entire story]

Seth Meyers returns to stand-up at Masonic Auditorium

Comedian Seth Meyers seems like he can do pretty much anything. He became famous for his decade-plus run on “Saturday Night Live,” serving as head writer and one of the best “Weekend Update” anchors in the [Read entire story]

Dysfunctional ‘Bad Moms Christmas’ still delivers laughs

Comedy transpires in the most obvious places during “A Bad Moms Christmas.” A randy grandmother goes to a strip club. A small child says the f-word, repeatedly. Even smooth jazz artist Kenny G, [Read entire story]

Chris Rock brings ‘Total Blackout’ to Paramount in Oakland

Chris Rock has been one of the funniest people on the planet for two-plus decades, capable of drawing huge crowds while maintaining respect as a “comic’s comic.” In the past several years, he has [Read entire story]

Comedian Gleib comes to Cobb’s Comedy Club

Ben Gleib has a history of making everything he shows up on a little bit better, as proved by his numerous appearances over the past several years on “At Midnight” and “Chelsea Lately,” or his voice work in [Read entire story]

Rapper T-Pain finds his voice as he ditches Auto-Tune

T-Pain made his divorce from Auto-Tune final during the first show of his so-called acoustic tour Wednesday, Oct. 4. Or maybe it’s just a trial separation. Either way, the intimate performance at the [Read entire story]

‘My Little Pony’ movie best left for established fans

The streets of pony wonderland Equestria are oddly poop-free, and almost impossibly festive. But as we’ve learned in “Trolls,” the Smurfs franchise and “The Three Amigos,” there is bound to be [Read entire story]

Fleet Week roars back into San Francisco

The return of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels highlights an event-filled San Francisco Fleet Week, with stunt flying, military displays and tours along the shoreline and in the air above the city. The Canadian [Read entire story]

Hip-hopper Rakim at New Parish in Oakland

Rakim is on any old-school-rap fan’s list as one of the greatest emcees of all time, changing the history of music with the Eric B. & Rakim albums “Paid in Full” and “Follow the Leader” in 1987 and 1988. Like [Read entire story]

The Launch street fair debuts at San Francisco Shipyard

The new San Francisco Shipyard is slated to host its first street fair, the Launch, on Saturday, Sept. 30, near the old Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco. The area has been under major [Read entire story]

Performances highlight challenging ‘Stronger’ biopic

You could watch a dozen seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” and never see a full tracheal intubation. Most movies and television shows that deal with a medical crisis don’t linger on the removal of [Read entire story]

The Commons brings food, music, fun to S.F. Civic Center

The city of San Francisco is throwing another block party in the Civic Center on Thursday, Sept. 21, bringing everything from food and music to giant Scrabble and roller skating into the open spaces near City Hall. [Read entire story]

‘Force’ a bold and honest tour of Oakland police drama

“If you do the wrong thing, we are going to look at that critically.” Those words, from then-Oakland police chief Sean Whent to a group of young officers, resound in Peter Nicks’ superb new [Read entire story]

Dolores Huerta film is a revealing, engaging tribute

Dolores Huerta was a fierce fighter for the United Farm Workers, ascending to a civil rights leadership role, then seizing seemingly impossible victories against agriculture industry leaders and their political allies. [Read entire story]

Asomugha powerful in challenging, rewarding ‘Crown Heights’

“Crown Heights” begins with Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message,” a scene-setting snippet of music to establish Colin Warner as a struggling 18-year-old in the early 1980s. He’s close to the [Read entire story]

Disco star Sylvester honored at Go Bang! party

San Francisco disco legend Sylvester will be celebrated at the annual Go Bang! party, hosted this year at the Stud bar. Sylvester was a singer-songwriter and performer who helped shape the San Francisco [Read entire story]

San Francisco Comic Con brings fun to Moscone Center

The geek credibility for the San Francisco Comic Con is rising, as the convention moves to Moscone Center this year. Celebrity guests include Peter Capaldi (“Dr. Who”), Sean Astin (“Lord of the [Read entire story]

A flying ‘Leap!’ into family film inconsistency

“Leap!” is the kind of movie where if you see someone holding a stack of dishes, they will certainly break in the name of a lazy comedic moment. There seem to be two job classifications among the [Read entire story]

826 Valencia celebrates with 826 Day block party

The 826 Valencia writing and tutoring center celebrates its 15th year with an 826 Day Block Party, a free celebration from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 26. The event will have a strong 826 Valencia [Read entire story]