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Plan to demote directors roils labor agency

The Trump administration’s efforts to reverse the direction of federal labor policy appear to have accelerated with a proposal to demote the senior civil servants who resolve most labor cases. Under [Read entire story]

Labor board reverses ruling that helped unions fight chains

The National Labor Relations Board on Thursday overturned a key Obama-era precedent that had given workers significant leverage in challenging companies like fast-food and hotel chains over labor practices. [Read entire story]

Plugging into the gig economy, from home with a headset

DURHAM, N.C. — The gathering in a private dining room at a Mexican restaurant had the fervent energy of a megachurch service, or maybe an above-average “Oprah” episode — a mix of revival-style confession and [Read entire story]

Young rebels who rise, and later fall

Rare is the gifted teenager who is not bored in high school. Yet few have signaled their boredom as extravagantly as Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical company founder who was sent to jail Wednesday to await sentencing [Read entire story]

Service union plans big push to turn Midwest political tide

Challenging the Republican ascendance in states where labor once carried enormous sway, a prominent union plans to spend tens of millions of dollars during the 2018 campaign cycle to reverse the trend. [Read entire story]

The pop-up employer: Build a team, do the job, say goodbye

There was a content division to churn out copy for game cards; graphic designers to devise the logo and the packaging; developers to build the mobile app and the website. True Story was a case study in what two Stanford [Read entire story]

How Uber uses psychological tricks to push its drivers’ buttons

[...] in March, facing crises on multiple fronts, top officials convened a call for reporters in which the company announced that it would fix its troubled relationship with drivers. [...] yet even as Uber talks up its [Read entire story]