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‘Wakefield’ showcases Cranston as seeming normal, but cracking

Bryan Cranston is Wakefield, another guy in a suit coming home to the suburbs on a commuter train. [...] just minutes into the film, the strangeness gets expressed in a peculiar way: Instead of rushing out and [Read entire story]

‘Baywatch’ is funny, sort of, but not funny enough

[...] there are laughs of effort, in which you can hear the audience trying to keep believing in the face of contrary evidence. The zone it needed to hit — and seems intended to have hit — is a zone of contained [Read entire story]

The new ‘Pirates’: Some dead things can’t be resurrected

There are dead people wanting to come back to life in Pirates of the Caribbean: [...] a director trying to pump air and passion into a stinking corpse of a franchise. [...] sitting in a theater fighting restless leg [Read entire story]

‘Everything’ a fine romance with (almost) no kisses

Based on Nicola Yoon’s young-adult novel, “Everything, Everything” is about a girl who is so allergic to everything and so susceptible to disease that if she leaves the house even for a minute, it could kill [Read entire story]

‘Paris Can Wait’ is a long, dull journey

Coppola, who has shown a sure hand as a documentarian — she made the superb “Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse” in 1991 — has turned in a poorly acted, colossal bore of a film that strikes wrong [Read entire story]

No space for errors that bring on horror in ‘Alien: Covenant’

Scientists are in a rush to create artificial intelligence, beings that can think and act human but that have no capacity for human feeling. In many ways, this new installment in the “Alien” series is a conventional [Read entire story]

‘Like Crazy’ a chance to see great actress at her best

“Like Crazy” (the Italian title is better: “La Pazza Gioia”) arrives in America on a wave of approbation, and all of it deserved. A big hit in Italy, where it won top prizes, it’s the story of two very [Read entire story]

In “Snatched,” Amy Schumer grabs at film comedy stardom

“Snatched” is the movie where Amy Schumer comes into her own as a big-screen comic actress. A lot of people (not me) liked “Trainwreck” (2015), her feature breakthrough, but in that she was by turns obnoxious [Read entire story]

‘Bang’ tells vivid story of rock pioneer

The documentary, directed by Brett Berns (Berns’ son) and Bob Sarles, is an attempt to rescue Berns’ name, though it’s coming at a time when that rescue seems to be already in progress. Joel Selvin, the former pop [Read entire story]

‘Guardians 2’ raises inspired self-mockery to new level

The sci-fi action genre itself is the target, so that every time the movie seems to be going in a conventional direction — cranking up the soundtrack for the corny horns of hope — the legs are cut out, and the [Read entire story]

When a film is almost too hard to watch

[...] what can we say about a movie such as “Finding Oscar,” a documentary that deserves to be seen, that deals with an important subject, that is intelligently and conscientiously made, and yet will give no pleasure [Read entire story]

‘The Circle’ a tale of technology run amok

[...] the future may be shaping up to be just as horrible as the pessimists have been predicting, but with a few unexpected twists. Yes, people will become enslaved, but not to governments, but to social media and [Read entire story]

‘Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent’ celebrates chef

The Last Magnificent is an attempt to secure the place of the renowned chef in American culinary history. Tower was born into a wealthy family, but had a difficult and lonely childhood, which, according to the film, [Read entire story]

‘The Promise’ is too fictional a take on Armenian genocide

Horrible human tragedies — unthinkable calamities involving millions of people — dwarf everything else. If you have a movie about the Holocaust, or Stalin’s starvation of the kulaks, or, as in the case of “The [Read entire story]

Gere gets a showcase in ‘Norman,’ as a N.Y. wheeler-dealer

“Norman” is the movie equivalent of a well-told anecdote. What’s more, it has at its center a character whose life history stays unknown and whose work — his work is the subject of the entire film — remains [Read entire story]

Mungiu’s latest takes a scalpel to modern Romania

“Graduation” is the latest film by Cristian Mungiu (“4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days”), a Romanian director of originality and genuine power, though how he achieves his effects is difficult to pinpoint. Mungiu will [Read entire story]

‘Cezanne et Moi’ tells how hard it was to be Cezanne’s friend

“Cézanne et Moi” is the story of the lifelong friendship between Paul Cézanne and Émile Zola; and nothing about it was easy. Zola enjoyed fairly early success as a novelist, but not until he’d spent long years [Read entire story]

A view of life and death, ‘Truman’ is a thing of beauty

Last year, at the Goya Awards (the Spanish Oscars), it cleaned up — best picture, best actor, best supporting actor, best director and best original screenplay. Mentioning the awards up front may seem like a lazy way [Read entire story]

Well-made ‘Gifted’ rises above Hollywood cliches

[...] in its details, in its characters and their relationships, in the unfolding of its story, and even in the delicacy of its filming, “Gifted” rises above cynical expectation. The case of Evans is practically a [Read entire story]

‘Ghost in the Shell’ a serious look at a future tech nightmare

Horrible visions of the future are a staple of movies, but the future vision depicted in “Ghost in the Shell,” based on the Japanese comic book, is more dispiriting than most because it’s more than plausible. The [Read entire story]