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Apple CEO Tim Cook dodges question about dividend increase

Apple’s next big thing will likely be a large dividend increase financed by a tax cut on its overseas profit, but the famously secretive company isn’t giving any clues about how big it might be. CEO [Read entire story]

Google blocking YouTube on some Amazon devices

Google is pulling its popular YouTube video service from Amazon’s Fire TV and Echo Show devices in an escalating feud that has caught consumers in the crossfire. The decision to block YouTube is [Read entire story]

Face-to-face with Nest’s smartest home security camera

Nest’s new home security camera is supposed to be so smart that it can identify people it’s been introduced to. That skill comes from facial-recognition technology made by Nest’s sibling company, [Read entire story]

Netflix sinking deeper into debt to fuel subscriber growth

Netflix is sinking deeper into debt in its relentless pursuit of more viewers, leaving the company little margin for error as it tries to build the world’s biggest video subscription service. The big [Read entire story]

Watching Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘House of Cards’ to cost more

Netflix is raising the price for its most popular video streaming plan by 10 percent — a move aimed at bringing in more money to outbid HBO, Amazon and other rivals for addictive shows such as “Stranger Things.” [Read entire story]

Amazon cuts price of Echo, adds more Alexa products

Amazon.com will head into the holiday shopping season with a simple wish list: It wants voice-controlled devices with its digital assistant Alexa to become as ubiquitous in people’s homes as televisions. [Read entire story]

Apple embarks on Emmy quest with big bet on video streaming

Television is one of the few screens that Apple hasn’t conquered, but that may soon change. The world’s richest company appears ready to aim for its own Emmy-worthy programming along the lines of HBO’s “Game of [Read entire story]

Former Uber CEO lashes out at VC firm suing company

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is skewering a lawsuit filed by a former ally, describing it as a malicious attempt to sever his remaining ties to the San Francisco ride-hailing service that he co-founded. [Read entire story]

Next big leap for Apple? Augmented reality

Apple’s iPhone may be ready for its next big act — as a springboard into augmented reality, a technology that projects lifelike images into real-world settings viewed through a screen. If you’ve heard about AR at [Read entire story]

Google expands paid carpooling across California

Google is expanding its paid carpool service throughout California, building on an effort to get more traffic-weary drivers to share their rides to work — and to collect data that could be useful for future [Read entire story]

Serena Williams accepts a new challenge, in Silicon Valley

Tennis star Serena Williams has 39 Grand Slam titles, four Olympic medals, major endorsement deals and her own line of clothing and accessories. Silicon Valley’s lack of diversity has become a recurring source of [Read entire story]

Google wants to connect online ads to physical store purchases

Google already monitors your online shopping — but now it’s also keeping an eye on what you’re buying in physical stores to try to sell more digital advertising. Google’s computers will be trying to connect the [Read entire story]

YouTube ad boycott could spell trouble for Google

YouTube’s inability to keep big-brand ads off unsavory videos is threatening to transform a rising star in Google’s digital family into a problem child. Skittish advertisers have curtailed their spending until they [Read entire story]

Google Home’s assistant can now recognize different voices

Distinguishing voices will allow Home to be more personal in some of its responses, depending on who triggers the assistant with the phrase, “OK Google” or “Hey Google.” [...] once Home is trained to recognize a [Read entire story]

Google to offer Shortcuts to information on phones

The search engine gleans these insights by analyzing past requests and, when people allow it, tracking locations, a practice that periodically raises privacy concerns about Google’s power to create digital profiles of [Read entire story]

Waymo escalates battle with Uber in court filings

A self-driving car company founded by Google is presenting new evidence to support allegations that a former manager stole technology that was sold to Uber to help the ride-hailing service build its own robot-powered [Read entire story]

New eSight glasses help the legally blind see

Suddenly, Regan could read a newspaper while eating breakfast and make out the faces of co-workers from across the room. The headsets transmit images from a forward-facing camera to small internal screens — one for [Read entire story]

Google’s Pixel phone shines despite misgauging demand

The Pixel phone, Google’s answer to Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy, is off to a promising start — but might have done even better had Google managed consumer demand as smartly as the device’s sleek [Read entire story]