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Facebook, Google, Twitter field questions, frustrations in Senate committee

Online anonymity and tech companies’ inability to discern real corporations from shell firms funded by Russian money prevented Facebook, Google and Twitter from identifying Russian interference in the 2016 election, [Read entire story]

Twitter sets sights on profits, bans Russian propaganda outlets from ads

Twitter may be nearing profitability, thanks to breakneck ad sales, an uptick in video use and lower stock-based compensation for workers, executives announced in a quarterly earnings call Thursday. The [Read entire story]

Pair break speed record climbing Nose of Yosemite’s El Capitan

On long climbs, Brad Gobright usually lets his mind wander — to his favorite television shows, a song stuck on repeat in his head, food, friends and memories. But on Saturday, as Gobright and his [Read entire story]

Tesla factory worker says he was targeted for being gay

Just two days after three black factory workers filed suit against Tesla for racist epithets and harassment, a former assembly line worker said he was bullied for being gay and threatened with violence at the Fremont [Read entire story]

CHP officer works overtime to take care of Napa neighborhood

There’s a rule in evacuated parts of Wine Country: Once you leave, you can’t come back. Police cruisers, cones and orange-and-white barricades stand between residents and their homes. Officers hold [Read entire story]

Uber names Expedia chief Dara Khosrowshahi as new CEO

In a surprise move late Sunday, Uber’s board of directors has picked Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of online travel company Expedia, to take over at the embattled ride-hailing company. Khosrowshahi will [Read entire story]

Facebook announces plan for housing at new Menlo Park campus

Facebook revealed plans on Friday to turn a 56-acre plot of land it bought in 2015 into its own village — complete with 1,500 homes, a grocery store, transit center, hotel, retail shops, office buildings and open park [Read entire story]

Bill would require transgender-rights training for CA employers

Both gender identity and gender expression have been protected classes under California’s antidiscrimination law since 2011, but the state’s new workplace guidelines, which take effect Saturday, flesh out how [Read entire story]

Cisco wants to balance privacy with security

To be more secure, businesses typically have to accept some level of surveillance, inviting third-party companies to track traffic and monitor network data for intruders, threats or malicious software. In a Tuesday news [Read entire story]

KQED online broadcast, computers brought down in apparent hack

San Francisco’s KQED, the operator of public TV and radio stations, saw its online radio stream knocked out for more than 12 hours starting late Thursday and its email accounts rendered inaccessible in an apparent [Read entire story]

Facebook investors grill Zuckerberg on fake news, gender pay gap

During an annual meeting Thursday, Facebook shareholders fixed a spotlight on some of the social network’s most vexing issues, including fake news and questions of gender and racial inequities at the [Read entire story]

#BuyTwitter shareholder push fails, but supporters hold out hope

A proposal meant to push Twitter to explore the possibility of becoming a user-operated cooperative was met with staunch resistance at the company’s annual shareholder meeting Monday, but supporters of the measure [Read entire story]

How to protect yourself from ransomware and more new hack attacks

The massive ransomware attack that began in Europe on Friday has locked down thousands of computers in more than 150 countries, leveraging access to data — in hospitals, businesses and public utilities — for [Read entire story]

Facebook to hire 3,000 video monitors as revenue grows

Facebook will hire 3,000 people to review videos on the social network in an effort to monitor the site for the kind of violent and disturbing videos that have plagued it in recent weeks. Videos ranging from a seemingly [Read entire story]

Bill O’Reilly ouster a lesson in what not to do, says Anita Hill

The day after Bill O’Reilly was pushed out of Fox News amid allegations that he sexually harassed several colleagues, two women who rose to national prominence for standing up to powerful men called for reform — and [Read entire story]

Mysteries remain over alt Twitter accounts after feds back down

Less than a day after being sued by Twitter in a bid to protect one of its users’ identities, federal investigators withdrew their demand that the social media company unmask one of several accounts claiming to be [Read entire story]

Twitter sues US government to protect critics’ privacy

In an effort to protect users from being unmasked by the government, Twitter has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security after agents demanded that the social media company hand over information on [Read entire story]

Pelosi, Speier greet hundreds at Balboa High town hall meeting

Pink Pussyhats and poster board protest signs dotted the auditorium at Balboa High School on Saturday as hundreds of San Franciscans turned out to hear House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jackie Speier speak [Read entire story]

Tech workers fear diversity efforts could be undermined

Since the 2016 presidential election, tech companies and their workers have been on high alert, anxiously looking out for ways the Trump administration’s policies and preferences might affect them. A January survey of [Read entire story]

WikiLeaks will share CIA hacking data with tech companies

WikiLeaks will turn over all the details it has on the CIA’s alleged hacking arsenal so that tech companies like Apple and Google can patch holes and fix vulnerabilities in their technology before the activist group [Read entire story]