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Memorial Day weekend in Big Sur is possible, despite obstacles

[...] with this year’s big winter storms continuing to wreak havoc on roads and trails, getting to one of California’s most dramatic stretches of coastline isn’t easy - and it can also be very expensive. The [Read entire story]

Jerry Brown talks up climate fight, says Trump may come around

Gov. Jerry Brown held up California as a leader in the fight against climate change, renewing a pledge Wednesday with representatives of the Netherlands to continue cutting carbon emissions and investing in clean [Read entire story]

Big Sur hit again as huge landslide covers Highway 1

The isolation that came to Big Sur this year when wet weather closed several roads has deepened with a giant mudslide across Highway 1, just south of the small community of Gorda (Monterey County). A quarter-mile-wide [Read entire story]

SFO to see big delays Memorial Day weekend due to paving work

Major flight delays and numerous cancellations are expected at San Francisco International Airport this Memorial Day weekend because of maintenance work that needs to be completed on the tarmac before the summer rush, [Read entire story]

Mystery girl found in coffin beneath SF home is identified

The mystery girl from the 1800s whose body was found beneath a San Francisco home last year, her body entombed in a small lead and bronze coffin and her well-preserved hands clutching a single red rose, has been [Read entire story]

Joe Montana sues SF’s Millennium Tower developers

Sports great Joe Montana is the latest to sue over San Francisco’s troubled Millennium Tower, alleging in court documents filed last week that the building’s developer concealed evidence that the luxury high-rise is [Read entire story]

Caltrain gets $100 million in tentative federal budget deal

Plans to outfit the Caltrain system with fast, environmentally friendly electric trains came to a grinding halt three months ago when Trump administration officials withdrew funding for the rail upgrade, saying they [Read entire story]

Floods possible as warmth melts heavy Sierra snowpack

Several waterways, including Yosemite Valley’s Merced River, are expected to approach and even surpass flood stage in coming days as a warm spell keeps overnight lows on many snow-covered peaks above freezing for the [Read entire story]

Trump order could open California waters to oil drilling

President Trump signed an executive order Friday seeking to expand offshore oil and gas drilling, a move that triggered an immediate backlash in California, where wounds are still raw from past fights to protect the [Read entire story]

Bay Area air-quality agency tackles climate change

The Bay Area’s little-known pollution control district jumped into the fight against climate change Wednesday with a first-of-its-kind regional plan that promises big changes in residents’ daily lives. With calls [Read entire story]

Bay Area ranked among nation’s worst spots for air pollution

Even as the nation makes strides cleaning up dirty air, many parts of California, including the Bay Area, are struggling to reduce air pollution in the face of climate change. The hordes of fossil-fuel-burning cars and [Read entire story]

Oroville Dam’s repair estimates jump to $275 million

Much of the construction will have to be done on the fly, state officials say, as the winning contractor works alongside government experts to probe deeper into the reservoir’s problems and find ways to restore the [Read entire story]

Sea-level rise in California could be catastrophic, study says

A state-commissioned report on climate change released Wednesday raises the stakes for fighting global warming, offering a clearer and, in some cases, more catastrophic picture of how much sea levels will rise in [Read entire story]

Ex-Yosemite boss said to have called employees’ work stupid, bozo

Former Yosemite Superintendent Don Neubacher was cleared Monday of bias and favoritism in his management of one of the country’s premier national parks, but federal officials said he may have fostered hostile working [Read entire story]

Bidding opens on Oroville Dam spillway repair

California officials on Thursday announced an ambitious plan to increase the size of Lake Oroville’s damaged main spillway, allowing it to release nearly twice as much water, as they seek to rebuild the 3,000-foot-long [Read entire story]

In key Sierra measure, California registers thickest snowpack in years

State surveyors waded into the icy Sierra Nevada on Thursday to take stock of the snow before it begins its crucial melt into rivers and reservoirs and found just what they expected: one of the biggest bounties in [Read entire story]

State water official vows new Oroville Dam spillway by winter

California’s top water manager said Monday that the problem-plagued Oroville Reservoir will have a new spillway in place to prevent potentially dangerous outflows of water in time for the next rainy season. The [Read entire story]

Bay Area population growth slows, some counties losing people

After years of being overrun by new residents drawn by a red-hot economy, the number of people moving out has begun to catch up with the number moving in, new census data show. [...] in some parts of the Bay Area — [Read entire story]

Damage at Contra Costa County reservoir halts pumping

The extraordinary volume of water pouring through California’s rivers and reservoirs this winter appears to be behind more damage to the state’s water infrastructure. State officials said Tuesday that an intake [Read entire story]

Vacaville sued over ‘Erin Brockovich’ contaminant in water supply

The environmental advocacy group also wants Vacaville leaders to give residents more notice of potential health problems associated with the contaminant as well as provide bottled water or another clean source to seniors [Read entire story]