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San Francisco, Oakland sue major oil companies over rising seas

The cities of San Francisco and Oakland are suing some of the world’s largest oil companies over climate change, joining an emerging legal effort to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for the damages wrought by [Read entire story]

Big setback for Gov. Brown’s twin-tunnels project in the delta

California’s biggest agricultural water supplier said Tuesday that it’s not ready to spend money on Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed delta tunnels plan, a decision that could threaten the future of the $17 billion [Read entire story]

Gov. Brown’s grand water-tunnel project runs into money uncertainty

Just months after Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to shore up California’s water system with two giant tunnels won key approval from regulators, the $17 billion project is running into potential financial problems. [Read entire story]

Judge: Trump can’t block public safety money for sanctuary cities

President Trump’s effort to punish cities that don’t cooperate with the administration’s roundup of undocumented immigrants was dealt another blow Friday when a federal judge in Illinois said the U.S. Justice [Read entire story]

Is climate change wreaking weather havoc? Evolving science seeks answers

When San Francisco hit 103 degrees in June 2000, a new high after more than a century of record-keeping, the forces of global warming were likely at work. But scientists weren’t ready to go there. [Read entire story]

5 things you should know about Trump’s move to end DACA

What is DACA? DACA is short for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which protects certain people who were brought into the country illegally as children from being deported. Former [Read entire story]

Officials missed big picture before Oroville Dam spillway failed, experts say

The most detailed report yet on what went wrong at Oroville Dam last winter when 180,000 people fled amid fears of flooding found that state and federal officials failed to uncover long-standing construction and [Read entire story]

Yosemite’s south entrance closed because of wildfire

Yosemite National Park’s southern entrance remained closed Thursday because of a fast-moving wildfire that burned seven structures and prompted authorities to close Highway 41 just outside the park. [Read entire story]

Piedmont’s embattled ex-mayor is leaving City Council

Piedmont’s embattled councilman and former mayor, who gave up his honorary mayor’s post Sunday after being criticized for insensitive Facebook posts, announced Wednesday that he’s stepping down from the City [Read entire story]

Ten homes burned, hundreds threatened by another wildfire in Oroville area

State fire officials have arrested a 29-year-old Oroville man who they say let an illegal campfire burn out of control in rural Butte County where it torched at least 10 homes and on Wednesday was threatening hundreds [Read entire story]

Man ravages Santa Rosa medical center in drug-fueled, naked tirade

A 21-year-old man was arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly assaulting at least four people at a Santa Rosa medical center, then stripping off his clothes and fleeing naked down the street in a drug-fueled tirade. [Read entire story]

Most of SF’s Presidio now will be open Saturday

Most of San Francisco’s Presidio will open to the public on Saturday, the National Park Service said after a right-wing group canceled plans for a rally at Crissy Field. Officials at Golden Gate [Read entire story]

Permit approved — with restrictions — for far-right rally at San Francisco’s Crissy Field

The National Park Service said Wednesday that a right-wing rally will be allowed to go forward Saturday at park-managed Crissy Field in San Francisco, but that much of the Presidio will be shut down to accommodate it. [Read entire story]

Permit for right-wing Crissy Field rally to get 2nd look by officials

The National Park Service on Wednesday acknowledged widespread concern over plans to hold a right-wing rally at Crissy Field in San Francisco next week, and said it would make a decision soon on whether to let the event [Read entire story]

Trump administration kills push to ban bottled water in national parks

The Trump administration’s latest environmental rollback is an unusual one, but with a familiar feature: It benefits big business. The National Park Service announced Wednesday that, effective [Read entire story]

Yosemite fire near Wawona grows to 900 acres

Firefighters worked Monday to halt the spread of a wildfire at the southern edge of Yosemite National Park that was burning just a little more than a mile from the small community of Wawona. The South Fork Fire, which [Read entire story]

Yosemite fire near Wawona grows to 900 acres

Firefighters worked Monday to halt the spread of a wildfire at the southern edge of Yosemite National Park that was burning just a little more than a mile from the small community of Wawona. The South Fork Fire, which [Read entire story]

Fire ignites in Yosemite National Park, closes trail

A wildfire burning Sunday at the southern end of Yosemite National Park prompted the closure of a popular trail and put residents of the small Mariposa County community of Wawona on guard. Firefighters attacked the [Read entire story]

Wildfire breaks out in Napa County hills near Lake Berryessa

A wildfire that ignited Friday afternoon near Lake Berryessa was prompting residents along Napa County’s Highway 128 to evacuate. Firefighting aircraft and ground crews were attacking the blaze, which had spread [Read entire story]

Federal climate report finds ‘extreme’ conditions, despite Trump’s cold shoulder

A new federal report could again challenge the Trump administration’s dismissive stance on global warming, finding that last year the planet was hotter than any time in well over a century and witnessed perhaps the [Read entire story]