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Oakland Symphony rolls the dice with ‘Guys and Dolls’

The Broadway musical has spawned some of the great American music of the past century, but symphony orchestras — and the classical music world in general — is still often uncertain about how to handle it. Michael [Read entire story]

Schumann’s problem child returns to the Symphony

In 1853, a few short years before succumbing to madness and a tragic early death, Schumann wrote a violin concerto for the brilliant young virtuoso Joseph Joachim. Joachim, his friend Brahms, and Schumann’s wife Clara [Read entire story]

Gamelan music to celebrate Lou Harrison’s 100th

The musical output of composer Lou Harrison is so vast and varied that the year’s centennial celebrations have had to split off into thematic groupings. [...] we’ve had concerts focusing on his piano music, his [Read entire story]

A Baltic voice in the Bay Area

The westward stream of inventive new music from the Baltic nations, which began gathering momentum a couple of decades ago, only grows more notable with each passing year. Esenvalds is noted particularly for his choral [Read entire story]

Take a gamble on ‘Guys and Dolls’ in Oakland

Michael Morgan and the Oakland Symphony are concluding their season with a concert performance of “Guys and Dolls.” Frank Loesser’s timeless musical, based on the punchy, vernacular-driven short stories of Damon [Read entire story]

Erwin Schrott will debut in S.F. Opera’s ‘Don Giovanni’

The Uruguayan bass-baritone Erwin Schrott is set to make his San Francisco Opera debut in June as Leporello in the company’s production of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni.” Schrott comes to San Francisco directly from [Read entire story]

Dutoit and the Symphony collaborate on a fiery program

For a longtime admirer of this conductor’s trademark blend of suavity and grandeur, it was a welcome sight. Most hearteningly of all, Dutoit concluded the evening with a performance of Debussy’s “La Mer” — [Read entire story]

Folk music at the core of new cello concerto

“Tangle Eye,” which had its world premiere at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek on Sunday, May 7, marks the conclusion of Visconti’s three-year stint as the Young American Composer-in-Residence with [Read entire story]

Exquisite ‘Resurrection’ from Handel and American Bach Soloists

Written in 1708 for a private performance in Rome, this elaborate work finds the young genius probing the limits of the operatic style, discovering what works and what doesn’t. Lucifer, most notably, is [Read entire story]

Dutoit leads Symphony in an anemic Requiem

Berlioz’s massive Requiem took up residency in Davies Symphony Hall this week in all its sprawling splendor, an assemblage of gigantic choral forces, extra orchestral players and brass ensembles scattered throughout [Read entire story]

Russian music in the traditional style

With his lush string tone and rhapsodic style, Vadim Gluzman represents the next generation of violinists carrying forward the traditional Russian style of music making. Gluzman’s return to the Bay Area finds him [Read entire story]

Opera created at top speed

Most full-length works gestate for many years, although maniacally prolific composers like Rossini and Donizetti churned them out at a rate of three or four a year. [...] imagine trying to knock out even a single [Read entire story]

Roomful of Teeth offers major moments of joy

Like any self-respecting new-music ensemble, the choral group Roomful of Teeth has a host of unorthodox performing techniques at its command. The eight members can whoop and wail, mumble and whisper, sing from their [Read entire story]

Music and dance for the pharmaceutical age

Prozac, Vicodin, Adderall — these are forces that play a prominent role in the lives of many Americans. “Prescription Drug Nation,” which has its world premiere this weekend, is a suite of portraits in music and [Read entire story]

SF Performances lineup for 2017-18 includes major local debuts

Local recital debuts by tenor Lawrence Brownlee, the Danish String Quartet and the choral group New York Polyphony are among the highlights of the 2017-18 season of San Francisco Performances, announced this week by [Read entire story]

Bach’s motets offer a shot of polyphonic splendor

The bulk of Bach’s choral writing lies in his 200-plus oratorios, the very works that the American Bach Soloists were founded to champion decades ago. The Soloists’ weekend program, led by Music Director Jeffrey [Read entire story]

Music by an orchestra of great Danes

Both have moved on since then, but local audiences may recognize some of the old Nordic magic when the orchestra comes to town for two nights under its new music director, Fabio Luisi. The music of Denmark’s most [Read entire story]

SF Opera starts exploring East Bay nightlife

The latest event, dubbed “Hands-On Opera,” is billed as an “interactive night of operatic fun and mischief.” Curated by the extravagantly gifted young stage director Aria Umezawa, the event features vocal [Read entire story]

Mezzo Connolly’s overdue return

Local music lovers might have to have a long memory, or a well-stocked CD collection, to understand why the return of Sarah Connolly is such a welcome event. The English mezzo-soprano, known for the stylish vibrancy of [Read entire story]

A Lone Star ensemble with an adventuresome spirit

There are plenty of ways for a group of young chamber musicians to make a name for themselves by traditional means. [...] perhaps the more interesting path is to gather around you a group of like-minded composers and [Read entire story]