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Dear Abby: Family’s health problems have father considering paternity test

Dear Abby: My first marriage ended in divorce 35 years ago because my wife cheated on me several times. I suspected then that I wasn’t my daughter’s biological father. Lately I have been wondering about my son, too. [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Despite promise to stop, man resumes watching pornography

Dear Abby: Can you tell me why men watch porn? My husband watches porn on the computer at all hours of the night. When I found out about it six months ago, he promised he would stop doing it, but I just realized that he [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: She’s found perfect partner, but still needs more alone time

Dear Abby: I have been dating a great guy for a few months. He treats me well and seems to care about me and my family. He offers to help with the bills and cleaning my place. He’s also kind and honest, and he’s [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Wife getting over affair better than her parents

Dear Abby: I have been married for 15 years and love my wife very much, but we drifted apart. Then I went and did something really stupid and had an affair. It lasted only a few weeks, and I regret it. My now-ex-wife and [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Wife won’t touch husband’s hands-on approach to other women

Dear Abby: My husband cannot be around a female without putting his hands on her shoulder or back. He “has” to touch. I’m not jealous, but embarrassed when I see women cringe and the expression on their faces [Read entire story]

Handy advice to help kids, adults sharpen social skills

Dear Abby: I enjoy reading your column, especially letters regarding young girls and their social skills. I have two granddaughters who have the normal drama, mostly with other girls. I worry their social skills are [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Wife treated like a queen longs for simple snuggling

Dear Abby: I recently got married to a wonderful man who is 19 years younger than I am. He’s the love of my life. The problem is, he sleeps totally on one side of the bed and isn’t affectionate at night except when [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Herpes infection keeps lonely woman on the dating sidelines

Dear Abby: I am a 65-year-old woman, attractive and lonely. I am uncomfortable using dating sites because I have genital herpes. I was infected by my first husband more than 40 years ago. If I were to meet someone on one [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Lack of financial planning leaves an uncertain future

Dear Abby: My parents are in their 80s. Both are of sound mind and body. However, they never saved for their retirement and never talked to a financial adviser to help them make financial decisions. Dad receives a [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Parents angered after kids’ babysitter drops the ball

Dear Abby: My boyfriend and I go away once a year and leave our two toddlers with family. This year, their aunt couldn’t watch them, so we asked his cousin “Renee,” who we have always liked, to watch them. She [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Husband’s distress over ex’s bad news perplexes new wife

Dear Abby: I have been married to my husband for five years. He’s the man of my dreams, and we have a wonderful marriage. Recently we learned that his ex-wife — to whom he was married for 20 years — has been [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Woman concerned about husband talking to neighborhood children

Dear Abby: I have been happily married to “Roger” for 20 years and have two kids still at home. They are pretty independent now, but my husband was very involved in coaching and volunteering when they were younger. [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Young woman falls for new man during boyfriend’s deployment

Dear Abby: I met my boyfriend, “Matt,” when I was a sophomore in high school. We started dating when I was a senior. By then, he was already active-duty military. We weren’t serious at the time (his decision, not [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Must we invite in-laws who never attend unless hosting?

Dear Abby: My husband and I have been married for 26 years. We have a daughter, 25, who recently graduated from college. We will have a small gathering of close friends and family to celebrate. During our entire [Read entire story]

Jilted woman nurses broken heart two years after breakup

Dear Abby: Two years ago, my boyfriend broke up with me by sending me a note. We had been together for 14 years. His boss had introduced him to a twice-divorced woman with three kids. What really hurts me is he started [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Sharing news of diagnosis is difficult for Parkinson’s patient

Dear Abby: I’m an active, sixtysomething wife, mother and grandmother who was recently diagnosed with early-stage Parkinson’s disease. From all outward appearances, I appear healthy, and I’m living my life as [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Mom feels guilt for resisting her ex’s pleas to reconcile

Dear Abby: My ex is a recovering drug addict. We have a 2-year-old son together. I realized he was using drugs when I was seven months pregnant and all our money was gone. I stayed with him for a year after I learned [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Childhood dog bite victim is happy with pet-free life

Dear Abby: I’m not a dog person. I’m not even an animal person. I am, however, surrounded by dog owners — my family, my husband’s family, my neighbors. Back in middle school, I was bitten several times by dogs [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Teen doesn’t want to blow chance now that longtime crush is single

Dear Abby: I understand that a 15-year-old guy writing for relationship advice is shameful and that I’m probably better off not worrying about relationships in the first place, but I’m still gonna try. I’m in high [Read entire story]

Dear Abby: Stepmom feels squeezed out by father-daughter relationship

Dear Abby: I think my stepdaughter “Caroline” has an unhealthy relationship with my husband. Caroline calls him several times a day and gets tattoos just like his. When she got a boob job, she wanted to show him. She [Read entire story]