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US crackdown on marijuana sales could push banks out of industry

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision Thursday to scrap an Obama administration policy that offered legal shelter for state-sanctioned marijuana sales does not necessarily mean a wave of federal drug busts. But [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo could face sanctions from California over insurance

California’s insurance regulator wants to suspend or revoke Wells Fargo & Co.’s license to sell insurance in the state after accusing the bank of setting up more than 1,400 renters insurance and life insurance [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo reportedly may face more federal sanctions

Wells Fargo & Co. may face new sanctions from a federal regulator over bad practices the bank has over the past last several months, including forcing auto loan customers into unneeded insurance policies and charging [Read entire story]

Tech companies probably won’t follow S&P’s new Snap-inspired rules

When the company that produces the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index announced last month that it would exclude the corporate parent of Snapchat from its benchmark market measure, the move was cheered by advocates of [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo hit with class-action suit over mortgage rate-lock fees

Wells Fargo & Co. is facing another class-action lawsuit, this time alleging that it bilked home loan borrowers by charging them extra fees when their applications were delayed — even when it was the bank’s fault. [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo stuck mortgage borrowers with extra fees, suit says

A former Wells Fargo mortgage banker who worked in Beverly Hills alleged in a lawsuit this week that the bank falsified records so it could blame delays on borrowers — and that it fired him for trying to report the [Read entire story]

Wells Fargo increases settlement to $142 million

Wells Fargo & Co. has agreed to boost its payout in a class-action settlement over unauthorized accounts to $142 million, up from the $110 million it announced just three weeks ago, according to documents filed late [Read entire story]