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John Hawkes boosts smart, sharp detective story ‘Small Town Crime’

A pimp who goes by the name of Mood has only just met Mike Kendall, and he has him nailed. “You’re nothing but a drunk in a 50-dollar suit,” he says. That’s so true — Mike is [Read entire story]

‘Quest’ a worthy eight-year project of one African American family in Philly

In 2008, Barack Obama’s election as the first African American president gave hope to the residents of a tough, mostly African American neighborhood in north Philadelphia. In 2016, Donald Trump called such [Read entire story]

I’ll have what she’s having: ‘When Harry Met Sally …’ screens at New Parkway in Oakland

Yup, I’ll have what she’s having, too. Although it turns 30 next year, Rob Reiner’s “When Harry Met Sally ...” never gets old, and the comedy starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan screens at 9:30 [Read entire story]

If ‘Sound of Music’ is one of your favorite things: Sing along at the Castro

So you’re seeing “Mary Poppins” at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre on Friday, Dec. 29, right? If you want to make your Julie Andrews weekend complete with a sing-along for her other great musical [Read entire story]

Clay Theatre screens Talking Heads concert film ‘Stop Making Sense’

Jonathan Demme’s concert film “Stop Making Sense” was an art house sensation in 1984 — and not just because of the popularity of Talking Heads and frontman David Byrne. Shot over three concerts [Read entire story]

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ screens at the Castro the Friday before Christmas

You have two chances to see what many consider to be the ultimate Christmas movie on the big screen. You either already have a ticket to the Stanford Theatre’s annual Christmas Eve screening, which has sold out, or the [Read entire story]

Andy Serkis, star of ‘Apes’ trilogy and ‘Last Jedi,’ a master of his craft

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Andy Serkis the first 21st century actor, a groundbreaking performer who has helped take movies into the new millennium. He has been a major part of films that have [Read entire story]

‘Blue Velvet,’ ‘True Romance’ among films in Roxie’s Dennis Hopper tribute

A new documentary on Dennis Hopper, Nick Eberling’s “Along for the Ride,” starts Friday, Dec. 15, and the Roxie Theater is celebrating with a mini-retrospective of the iconic actor and director’s work. [Read entire story]

Midnight screenings of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ invade ‘Star Wars’ space

Recently on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” Mark Hamill called his “Star Wars” films “space westerns.” And that’s exactly right. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s too bad that [Read entire story]

‘Shadowman’ rediscovers the art and strange life of Richard Hambleton

Richard Hambleton’s death on Oct. 29 caused barely a ripple on the arts scene. Few newspapers and websites — the New York Times was one of the few papers to run an obit — mentioned his passing. And [Read entire story]

Holiday movies sweet or offbeat at Bay Area theaters

Yes, “A Christmas Story” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” are screening in Bay Area theaters this holiday season, but so are “Silent Night, Deadly Night 2” and “Christmas Evil.” And who [Read entire story]

Colombian indie ‘Los Nadie’ a B&W portrait of troubled teens

Though sometimes as aimless as the Medellin youths it portrays, “Los Nadie” (“The Nobodies”), a black-and-white indie from Colombia, is an interesting and affecting slice-of-life portrait of tattooed teenagers [Read entire story]

‘On the Beach at Night Alone’ a personal film from Hong Sang-soo

© 2017 San Francisco Chronicle Judging by her by now voluminous work with arthouse treasure Hong Sang-soo and her outrageous turn in last year’s “The Handmaiden,” Kim Min-hee might be the best [Read entire story]

Beyond ‘Godfather’: Francisco Ford Coppola’s ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ turns 25

“Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” which turned 25 this month, is Exhibit A in our contention that the supposed “hack-for-hire” phase of iconic director Francis Ford Coppola need to be reappraised. That period (circa [Read entire story]

‘LA 92’ a powerful look at riots following Rodney King beating verdict

Even considering the hundreds of years of racial conflict in the United States — we fought a whole Civil War over this, after all — the beating of Rodney King was a watershed moment. For the first [Read entire story]

Gordon Parks’ ‘The Learning Tree,’ ‘Shaft’ screen at BAMPFA

The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive calls its Gordon Parks film series “A Choice of Weapons,” after the Life magazine photographer and pioneering African American filmmaker’s 1966 autobiography. [Read entire story]

Annual festival at 4 Star Theatre showcases current Chinese cinema

The 4-Star Theatre’s annual Chinese American Film Festival, which is in reality 100 percent recent Chinese cinema and zero percent American (and that’s OK!), is back with six films that serve as a report from the [Read entire story]

New Italian Cinema celebrates emerging talent at 21st festival

Who are the future Fellinis, De Sicas, Antonionis and Wertmullers? The 21st annual New Italian Cinema offers seven candidates within its five-day, 18-film festival — many of them in person. [Read entire story]

‘Blade of the Immortal’ is death by a thousand cuts — for the viewer

About halfway through Takashi Miike’s “Blade of the Immortal,” his 100th film, one immortal samurai says to another, “Death is merciless. But not dying is far worse.” We feel your pain, [Read entire story]

SFFilm’s Doc Stories 2017 looks at Obama, Rolling Stone and Jim Carrey

During the last year of Barack Obama’s term, veteran documentarian Greg Barker was granted unprecedented access to three of the president’s top foreign policymakers: U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, Secretary of State [Read entire story]