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Eclipse plea from regulators: Stay in the dark

During past eclipses in the United States, no one had to wonder how the events would affect electricity supplies. The California Public Utilities Commission has created a website, www.caleclipse.org, that asks state [Read entire story]

Cap-and-trade survives razor-thin votes in California Legislature

Gov. Jerry Brown’s bid to keep California’s cap-and-trade system — a key weapon against global warming — running through 2030 won the approval Monday night of state legislators, by the narrowest of [Read entire story]

Brown threatens ‘intrusive’ climate rules if cap and trade fails

Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday threatened to cut greenhouse gas emissions through “massive” new regulations if California legislators fail to extend the state’s cap-and-trade system for fighting global warming. If [Read entire story]

Come March, 250,000 PG&E customers could pay new rates for power

If state regulators approve, a quarter of a million Californians scattered across Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s vast service territory will, in March, begin paying different prices for power at different times of [Read entire story]

Tesla to start Model 3 deliveries on July 28

Electric auto maker Tesla plans to deliver the first of its long-awaited $35,000 Model 3 sedans on July 28th and expects to build 20,000 of the cars per month by the end of the year, CEO Elon Musk revealed late Sunday. [Read entire story]

Uber email: Hiring ex-Google star could save a year on robot cars

Hiring former Google star engineer Anthony Levandowski and his team had the potential to save Uber “at least a year” in the race to develop self-driving cars, according to an internal Uber email unsealed in court [Read entire story]

No greenhouse-gas caps on Bay Area oil refineries, for now

Board members of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District on Wednesday delayed voting on a plan to create the nation’s first greenhouse-gas limits for oil refineries, saying the proposal had changed so many times [Read entire story]

Supreme Court won’t overturn Chevron’s win in Ecuador suit

A decades-long lawsuit to make Chevron Corp. pay for cleaning up oil-field pollution in Ecuador suffered another blow Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal in the case, which has been closely [Read entire story]

California clamps down on natural gas leaks from pipelines

California regulators have approved rules designed to cut natural gas leaks from pipelines and pumping stations by 40 percent, as part of the state’s far-ranging fight against global warming. Methane, the main [Read entire story]

Electric bus maker Proterra raises $55m

Proterra, the Burlingame builder of electric buses, announced Tuesday that it has raised $55 million in its series 6 funding round, with new investors including BMW’s venture capital arm and a firm chaired by former [Read entire story]

With Tesla founder’s help, Chinese automaker comes to Bay Area

Another Chinese automaker aims to break into California’s growing electric vehicle industry, with a little help from one of Tesla’s founders. Formerly known as Chongqing Sokon Auto Industry Group, the company last [Read entire story]

California’s greenhouse gas emissions fall by less than 1%

California officials, determined to fight climate change, have ordered deep cuts in the state’s emission of greenhouse gases. While emissions from electrical plants fell in 2015, driven down partly by the rapid growth [Read entire story]

Lights out! Eclipse to cut solar power in California

California now relies so much on solar power that on Thursday, state officials urged residents to turn off unneeded lights and unplug appliances during the Aug. 21 solar eclipse. Even though the sun will be only [Read entire story]

Report: Tesla factory suffered higher injury rate than average

Tesla’s Fremont factory in recent years recorded far higher injury rates than the automotive industry’s average, with serious injuries in 2015 roughly double the norm, according to a report released Wednesday by a [Read entire story]

CA approves new refinery safety rules 5 years after Chevron fire

California regulators on Thursday approved new safety rules for oil refineries, nearly five years after a major fire at Chevron’s Richmond facility sent thousands of East Bay residents to local hospitals. The [Read entire story]

PG&E’s rate hike approved by regulators

California regulators on Thursday authorized Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to increase the amount of revenue it collects from its customers by $1.51 billion spread over the next three years. “It’s very tough to [Read entire story]

SF clean power program’s customers could face higher PG&E fee

Every time a California community starts buying electricity on behalf of its residents — as San Francisco does with its new CleanPowerSF program — the state’s traditional utilities get stuck with excess electrons [Read entire story]

Tesla settles lawsuit over self-driving car secrets

Tesla on Wednesday settled a high-profile lawsuit against one of its former executives and his self-driving car startup, a case that reflected the increasingly fierce competition to perfect autonomous vehicles. The suit [Read entire story]

Continental, 145-year-old auto firm, opens San Jose lab

Auto parts supplier Continental started out 145 years ago in Germany, making rubber. Continental’s 65,000-square-foot research center on North First Street will eventually employ more than 300 people, who will develop [Read entire story]

Solar hits big, brief milestone in California

The administration used data from the California Independent System Operator, which manages the electricity grid across 80 percent of the state and part of Nevada. Between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on March 11, almost 40 [Read entire story]