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‘Human Flow’: An artist’s view of the world’s refugee crisis

In “Human Flow,” dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei doesn’t break any new ground in covering the global refugee crisis, but he vividly illustrates — in straightforward yet artistic terms — the scale of the [Read entire story]

‘Take Every Wave’: Dazzling surfing shots

“Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton” doesn’t exactly wade deep into the psyche of the renowned surfer, but his spectacularly filmed exploits on the water are awfully fun to watch, even for those not [Read entire story]

‘Golden Circle’ too much action in service of next ‘Kingsman’ sequel

For all its breathless action, mind-boggling gadgets and stylized fight sequences, nothing much happens in the comic-book spy caper “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” It’s a sequel trying to set up [Read entire story]

‘First They Killed My Father’ an impressive effort

Angelina Jolie is quickly coming into her own as a fine director, and she takes a quantum leap in “First They Killed My Father,” which tells the story of the Cambodian genocide from the viewpoint of a little girl [Read entire story]

An ‘embarrassment of riches’ at Mill Valley film fest

Marking its 40th anniversary, the Mill Valley Film Festival revealed its highly anticipated lineup on Monday, Sept. 11, with a bevy of Academy Award contenders, international festival winners, documentaries and national [Read entire story]

Stunning debut in masterful LGBT coming-of-age study

The bold, masterful “Beach Rats,” one of the most exquisitely haunting LGBT coming-of-age stories ever told, takes place in the unhip fringes of Brooklyn, a land that time has forgotten. But nothing about this film [Read entire story]

Unleashed’: Comedy is cute but keeps characters on short lease

“Unleashed” has a cute premise: A relationship-phobic woman relies on her pets for emotional comfort, only for her cat and dog to run away — and magically return as human stud muffins to help her resolve her trust [Read entire story]

‘Hare Krishna!’: a promotional film about a movement

“Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami Who Started It All” plays more like a promotional video than a serious documentary about a swami and his spiritual movement. It’s so uncritical of its subject [Read entire story]

‘Good Time’: Pattinson takes big acting leap in good but not great film

Even when Robert Pattinson was slumming his way through the wretched “Twilight” saga, there was always the sense that a good actor was waiting to break out and show us that he was not just another pretty vampire. In [Read entire story]

‘The Only Living Boy in New York’: a failure on all cylinders

“The Only Living Boy in New York,” in which a misunderstood Millennial man falls for his rich father’s mistress, is a misfire in Manhattan, and there is nothing that its appealing cast can do to save it. Thomas [Read entire story]

‘Kidnap’: Abductors are no match for Halle Berry

“Kidnap,” in which a working-class single mom chases down her little boy’s abductors, is the latest B-movie vehicle for Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry. Berry plays Karla, an impossibly beautiful and wonderful [Read entire story]

‘City of Ghosts’: A harrowing tribute to Syrian activists

“City of Ghosts,” a harrowing documentary about ISIS atrocities in Syria, is both timely and terrifying, but it will be remembered most for putting a human face on the citizen journalists who — at great risk — [Read entire story]

‘The Journey’: A car ride to peace

“The Journey” takes a real-life historical event — a 2006 agreement to end the Northern Ireland dispute — and imagines it as a road trip/buddy movie between two real-life political foes. The story begins at St. [Read entire story]

‘Despicable Me 3’: great animation, so-so story

“Despicable Me 3,” the latest installment in the juggernaut series about an ex-villain who now chases super-villains, has a lot going for it: cute characters, some clever set-pieces and of course, dazzling [Read entire story]

A guide to celebrating SF Pride

Resisting regression and celebrating — not necessarily in that order — will be the overarching themes of the 47th annual San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Parade, which has become one of the [Read entire story]

Frameline offers bounty of movies during Pride Week

San Francisco’s Pride Week would not be complete without taking in a movie at Frameline, the most renowned LGBTQ film festival in the world. For the entire week, the festival will be playing movies day and night, [Read entire story]

’47 Meters Down’: Waters infested with sharks, tension

After “47 Meters Down” — an often terrifying if somewhat implausible horror-thriller about two sisters trapped in an underwater shark cage — the scuba diving industry may never be the same. Unfortunately, their [Read entire story]

‘The Women’s Balcony’: a charming tale of a synagogue feud

“The Women’s Balcony,” about a rift within an Orthodox Jewish congregation in Jerusalem, is such an agreeable, crowd-pleasing film that its light touch could be mistaken for being lightweight. [...] beneath its [Read entire story]

‘Slack Bay’: The French gone wild

The uneven, misanthropic French comedy “Slack Bay,” one of the weirdest period pieces in quite some time, is an odd combination of “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie,” Monty Python, and “Laurel and [Read entire story]

‘Obit’: a delightful look at death stories

Obituaries have always been one of the most misunderstood and underrated art forms in the newspaper profession, but the highly enjoyable documentary “Obit” finally gives credit to the storytellers who bring people to [Read entire story]