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‘Unforgettable’: a deliciously awful film for the ages

“Unforgettable,” a purported drama about a scorned woman who tries to destroy her ex-husband’s fiancee, is a perversely entertaining showcase of deliciously awful acting, memorably putrid lines and laugh-out-loud [Read entire story]

‘In Search of Israeli Cuisine’: Plenty on the menu

The intriguing, easily digestible documentary “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” has a lot more than food on its plate. “In Search” is also an education about Israel’s surprisingly diverse cultures, and an [Read entire story]

‘Wilson’ has plenty of laughs but doesn’t completely satisfy

Woody Harrelson plays Wilson, an unfiltered loner who invades the personal spaces of others and offers pointed critiques of contemporary society, whether he’s with an unsuspecting dog-walker, a train passenger or even [Read entire story]

‘Contemporary Color’: vivid if distant view of color guards

“Contemporary Color” is a concert documentary that celebrates the gathering of 10 color guards — flag-spinning, rifle-tossing squads that perform impressively choreographed routines to original songs from the likes [Read entire story]

‘Everybody Loves Somebody’: a bilingual delight

Like its bilingual heroine, the multicultural romantic comedy “Everybody Loves Somebody” breezily bounces back and forth from Baja to Los Angeles, and it’s a pleasant diversion, on both sides of the border. In a [Read entire story]

‘Everybody Loves Somebody’: a bilingual delight

Like its bilingual heroine, the multicultural romantic comedy “Everybody Loves Somebody” breezily bounces back and forth from Baja to Los Angeles, and it’s a pleasant diversion, on both sides of the border. In a [Read entire story]

‘Monster Trucks’ has no emotional gear

“Monster Trucks” starts out with a relatively adult, science fiction premise: that our current obsession with fracking could threaten underground, intelligent creatures unknown to us. [...] this is a live action [Read entire story]

‘Seasons’: Beautifully shot but overstuffed nature documentary

[...] this eco-friendly film attempts to be an elegy for the world’s forests since the dawn of humanity, coupled with a steady montage of earthbound creatures doing what they do in nature documentaries. [...] when [Read entire story]

‘The Take’: a popcorn movie about a pickpocket, CIA agent

“The Take,” a steady if unspectacular action thriller, pairs an American pickpocket with a lone-wolf CIA agent, unlikely allies in the pursuit of a gang behind a deadly bombing in Paris. [...] to its credit, “The [Read entire story]

‘Almost Christmas’ is serviceable, but not inspired

Dysfunctional-family holiday movies have become commonplace at the theaters in the days before Thanksgiving, so even before the first potato pie comes out of the oven, “Almost Christmas” already faces the challenge [Read entire story]

‘Aquarius’: Sonia Braga electric as woman on verge of eviction

The plot of “Aquarius” may sound pedestrian — a 65-year-old widow fighting real estate developers to stay in her home — but this Brazilian movie is a fascinating character study and a poetic meditation about how [Read entire story]

Why TV reporter killed herself on the air

“Christine,” an interesting mix of the compelling and the clinical, takes on sensational material — the true story of a Florida television reporter who killed herself on the air — and makes it austere yet somehow [Read entire story]

‘Queen of Katwe’ captures vibrancy of Africa

The crowd-pleasing “Queen of Katwe” features appealing stars and a true-to-life tale that’s difficult to resist: the unlikely rise of a young chess star from the slums of Uganda. [...] most refreshing, there are [Read entire story]

‘Mia Madre’ is uneven but engaging

“Mia Madre,” about an overtaxed film director trying to cope with the terminal illness of her mother, is an odd movie: Director Nanni Moretti goes back and forth from serious hospital scenes to slapstick antics at [Read entire story]

‘Ixcanul’ a volcanic look at Mayan life

“Ixcanul,” which takes place near a volcano in Guatemala, is a lyrical film that plays like a well-done National Geographic special — until it unexpectedly turns lava-hot. Throughout, “Ixcanul” impresses with [Read entire story]

‘Kind Words’ an engaging but busy family mystery

“The Kind Words,” an Israeli film about three siblings who try to uncover a mother’s secrets, flirts with several genres (drama, comedy, mystery) and several themes (family dysfunction, Jewish identity, marital [Read entire story]

Changing gender, remaining a dad

At first, this lovely documentary seems as if it’s going to be another in a long line of films that chronicle the transition of a transgender person and the family fallout that ensues. The well-spoken, appealing [Read entire story]

Last Cab to Darwin’: a wry euthanasia road-trip movie

‘“Last Cab to Darwin,” a charming, Aussie, euthanasia, road-trip movie, takes a tough subject and amiably rides it out into the Outback sunset. Taxi driver Rex (Michael Caton, excellent) has never lived anywhere [Read entire story]

‘Les Cowboys’: Absorbing French story about missing daughter

“Les Cowboys,” an absorbing, multilayered story about the search for a French girl who goes missing with her Muslim boyfriend, starts in a very un-French way: with cowboys, horses, a Marlboro Man-like billboard and [Read entire story]

Norman Lear to be honored at S.F. Jewish Film Festival

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival announced a wide-ranging lineup Tuesday, June 21, that includes a salute to some of the most important comic geniuses of our time, including Norman Lear, who will receive the [Read entire story]