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SF seeks court orders to force Uber, Lyft to share data

San Francisco is seeking court orders to compel Uber and Lyft to share information about their driving practices in the city. Herrera wants four years of records about topics such as driving practices, disability access [Read entire story]

TravelCar hopes flier-to-flier car rentals ready to take off

If that premise sounds familiar, that’s because it was the pitch for FlightCar, a San Francisco startup that abruptly shut down a year ago after setting up operations at 12 U.S. airports and then burning through some [Read entire story]

Uber lets users request rides for others

Starting Tuesday, when a user requests a pickup at a spot other than their own location, the app will ask if the ride is for a family member or friend. The rider will get a text notification, if they have a cell phone, [Read entire story]

Uber finally adds tipping to ride-hail app

“This will have a meaningful impact on drivers’ bottom lines and provide a good incentive to go above and beyond while driving, which will help Uber’s brand,” said Harry Campbell, a Los Angeles driver who runs [Read entire story]

Uber’s Kalanick takes leave for grieving

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick will temporarily step away from running the embattled ride-hailing company as he grieves the recent death of his mother, he told employees in an email Tuesday morning. “Recent events have [Read entire story]

Can Movebutter spread across US amid heated grocery competition?

Internet giants like Amazon and Google, retail behemoths like Walmart, Safeway and Target, and scores of brick-and-mortar stores like Whole Foods (often partnered with delivery services like Instacart or Postmates) are [Read entire story]

Uber, Lyft cars have heavy impact on SF streets, study finds

When only considering trips that start or end within the city — the focus of the authority’s study — ride-hail vehicles amount to a fifth of all vehicle miles. “The perception that there are a tremendous number [Read entire story]

SF demands data from Uber, Lyft on city trips, driver bonuses

[...] the city wants Uber and Lyft to share details on how many ride-hailing cars are roving the streets and when, so it can ensure that they comply with local laws; assess their impact on traffic congestion, safety, [Read entire story]

Uber appeals arbitration ruling in Waymo case

Waymo alleges that Uber and its subsidiary Otto used crucial autonomous-car technology stolen by a former key Waymo engineer. In a ruling last week, U.S. District Judge William Alsup said that Uber and Waymo do not have [Read entire story]

San Francisco could ban sidewalk delivery robots

Delivery robots, a sci-fi idea that recently entered real-world testing, would be banned from San Francisco sidewalks under legislation Supervisor Norman Yee introduced on Tuesday. “Seniors, children, people with [Read entire story]

SF to Uber: Provide driver info — it’s the law

City Attorney Dennis Herrera on Thursday went to court to compel Uber to provide the names and addresses of all its local drivers so the city can notify them of their obligation to get a business license, something San [Read entire story]

Chariot drivers vote to join Teamsters

Chariot drivers vote to join Teamsters A majority of the 215 drivers signed union authorization cards, the Teamsters said on Tuesday, crediting Chariot and its owner, Ford Motor Co., for staying neutral during the union [Read entire story]

Uber fights to block SF’s demand for drivers’ names, addresses

“The tax collector’s office is asking us to give them personal information of drivers — including their home address — without their consent and will put that information on a public website,” Wayne Ting, [Read entire story]

Airbnb’s long, complex history with San Francisco

Room for improvement From a SoMa rent-making scheme to a company worth $31 billion, Airbnb has grown up a lot over the past decade — and often clashed with its hometown. Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia offer airbeds for [Read entire story]

Airbnb settles SF suit, agrees to register all local hosts

Echoing Airbnb’s refrain about why most of its hosts rent to travelers, Herrera said: “The settlement will also make it easier for residents who follow the rules to supplement their income by renting out a spare room [Read entire story]

Uber claims it will having flying cars in Texas and Dubai by 2020

[...] he took to a Dallas stage on Tuesday to announce that Uber will offer a flying-car taxi service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Dubai by 2020 — something he said “fits cleanly into our mission” and Uber’s [Read entire story]

Ford’s Chariot bus drivers to weigh joining Teamsters union

Teamsters Local 665 said a majority of Chariot drivers have signed cards authorizing a vote about union representation. “These are working-class jobs paying well above the minimum wage,” Chariot CEO Ali Vahabzadeh [Read entire story]

California tells Uber it’s sloppy about ditching drunk drivers

California regulators want to slap a $1.13 million fine on Uber for failing to investigate and/or suspend drunk drivers, according to an order filed by the state Public Utilities Commission, which regulates ride-hailing [Read entire story]

Uber’s first diversity report shows male, white, Asian dominance

Uber on Tuesday released its first report on diversity in its workplace, showing that the San Francisco ride-hailing company faces the same underrepresentation of women and minorities — most notably among executives [Read entire story]

Uber vows to delete ‘cult of the individual’

Amid a swirl of scandals, three senior women executives at Uber held a call on Tuesday about the beleaguered company’s plans to improve a workplace seen as hostile and sexist, its search for a No. 2 to help its [Read entire story]