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In test of GOP, Dem falls short of outright win in Georgia

A Georgia congressional election is headed to a runoff that will ratchet up the already significant national attention — and campaign cash — on a race that poses an early measure for President Donald Trump and both [Read entire story]

In Republican ‘burbs’, Georgia election centers on a Democrat

The chairman of Georgia Republicans’ Sixth Congressional District wants to steel party faithful for a special House election to choose a successor to Tom Price, President Trump’s new health secretary. Democratic and [Read entire story]

Perez, former labor chief, elected to lead Democrats

ATLANTA — Democrats elected former Labor Secretary Tom Perez as their new national chairman Saturday over a liberal Minnesota congressman, capping a divisive campaign that reflected the depths of the party’s [Read entire story]

Former Klan grand dragon to MLK’s daughter: I’m sorry

ATLANTA — Scott Shepherd didn’t fire the shot that killed Martin Luther King Jr., but the former Ku Klux Klan grand dragon says he has always felt remorse toward the family of the slain civil rights leader and all [Read entire story]