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Some of Facebook’s early friends now its sharpest critics

Some of Facebook’s former friends are starting to express some serious doubts about the social network they helped create. Facebook exploits a “vulnerability in human psychology” to addict its [Read entire story]

Can better policies prevent workplace sexual harassment?

Sexual misconduct happens at work not because companies don’t publish harassment policies, experts say, but because managers don’t enforce them — and because people fail to apply them to themselves. [Read entire story]

Facebook steps up disaster-relief efforts with data and cash

Facebook is using a combination of cash and technology to try to aid with disaster relief. The Menlo Park company will give relief organizations such as the Red Cross access to data on what users need [Read entire story]

Did you Like Russian propaganda? Facebook will clue you in

NEW YORK — Facebook says it will show users if they followed or Liked Russia propaganda accounts on its service or on Instagram. The company said Wednesday it will provide a portal to let people see [Read entire story]

Zuckerberg nears end of US tour, wants to boost small biz

NEW YORK — What’s Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest takeaway as he wraps up a year of travel to dozens of U.S. states? The importance of local communities. “Most of the discussion we have nationally is [Read entire story]

Facebook’s Sandberg favors release of Russia-linked ads

A top Facebook executive says ads linked to Russia trying to influence the U.S. presidential election should “absolutely” be released to the public, along with information on whom the ads were targeting. [Read entire story]

Facebook needs to slow down and consider consequences

Years of limited oversight and unchecked growth have turned Facebook into a force with incredible power over the lives of its 2 billion users. But the social network has also produced unintended social consequences — [Read entire story]

What Twitter’s privacy changes will mean

Twitter’s new privacy policy suggests ambitions of becoming more like Facebook — more tracking of users and more tailoring of ads to rake in more money. [...] if you visited a Web page that had an embedded tweet or [Read entire story]

Snap plunges on earnings report as Facebook’s shadow looms

Facebook has been bent on copying Snapchat ever since the social media giant tried unsuccessfully in 2013 to buy what was then an ephemeral photo-messaging app. Snap Inc. reported a massive loss and a continued slowdown [Read entire story]

Most teens have taken social media break, poll finds

The poll, from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, surveyed those aged 13 to 17 and found that most value the feeling of connection with friends and family that social media provides. The [Read entire story]

1st Twitter revenue drop since IPO, but stock rises

[...] the company still faces stagnant user growth, has never made a profit and even reported a quarterly revenue decline Wednesday, a first since going public. Anything he tweets can serve as fodder for social media, [Read entire story]

Google moves to improve search quality with ‘offensive’ flag

Google is trying to improve the quality of its search results by directing review teams to flag content that might come across as upsetting or offensive. While flagging something doesn’t directly affect the search [Read entire story]

Facebook beefs up suicide prevention focused on live video

Facebook beefs up suicide prevention focused on live video Facebook is beefing up its suicide prevention tools, including options for people to report if someone might harm themselves while broadcasting on Facebook [Read entire story]