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Michael Bauer Gives Single Thread a “Flawless” Four Stars

It’s the first time Bauer has handed a perfect rating to a new restaurant. A year before it even opened, Eater humbly suggested that Healdsburg’s Single Thread would be the biggest opening of 2016. And so far, the [Read entire story]

Michael Bauer Goes Trend Hunting in Oakland’s Chinatown

Also: an updated Bauer review for Frances, Pete Kane on Alba Ray’s and Luke Tsai searches for Punjabi specialities in Berkeley Tastee Steam Kitchen Following East Bay trendspotter Luke Tsai to the edge of Oakland’s [Read entire story]

Michael Bauer Shows No Signs of Omakase Burnout at Three-Star Kinjo

Plus: cozy Mexican at Nido, Pete Kane at Uma Casa and Oakland’s new home for vegan cheeze steaks Kinjo Despite the sudden surge in omakase restaurants around town, Bauer is showing no signs of sushi fatigue. By his own [Read entire story]

The Restaurant at CIA Copia Carts Off With Two and a Half Bauer Stars

Also: dueling breakfast sandwiches in the East Bay and updates at Zarzuela and Mason Pacific Restaurant at CIA Copia In Napa, Bauer returns to the “monument of broken dreams” at Copia, where the long-departed [Read entire story]

Michael Bauer Enjoyed the ‘Best Kind of Happy Ending’ at Onsen

Also: Josh Sens on the new Indian, Pete Kane on Almanac Taproom and Luke Tsai on Laotian pho Onsen While Michael Bauer didn’t partake in any of the spa services at bathhouse-restaurant hybrid Onsen, he was surprised by [Read entire story]

The French Laundry’s Pricey New Kitchen is Now Open for Business

Four years and $10 million later After four years of renovations, and several of them spent cooking out of a temporary shipping container kitchen, Thomas Keller and his team at The French Laundry are back in a permanent [Read entire story]

Flores Blooms with Two and a Half Bauer Stars

Also: Pete Kane pulls double duty and Luke Tsai finds Oakland’s flashiest new seafood joint Flores Perhaps exhausted from all his time spent issuing retrograde opinions to the New York Times, Michael Bauer only filed a [Read entire story]

Water Damage Temporarily Shutters Caffe Sociale

The staff hopes to re-open in mid-March In Presidio Heights, some “unforeseen water damage” has forced neighborhood seasonal Italian spot Caffe Sociale to shutter for the time being. According to a note from the [Read entire story]

The Mill’s Pizza Night Goes All Week Long

Except pizza-less Tuesdays, that is. At Josey Baker’s temple of toast, pizza night has been a popular draw for the neighborhood crowds looking to get their carb fix in a different, more evening-friendly format. It even [Read entire story]

Too Many Oakland Restaurants, and More A.M. Intel

Four food-related items to start your day off. Another eulogy for Hawker Fare Oakland On the eve of Hawker Fare’s last service, Chef James Syhabout tells Hoodline there are too many Oakland restaurants, not enough [Read entire story]

Bauer Awards August 1 Five the Highest Star Rating of 2017

Also: some bad service at Penrose, an update from Serpentine, and fancy pop tarts in Rockridge August 1 Five In his review of modern Indian newcomer August 1 Five, Bauer is cooking up a new narrative for the Bay Area [Read entire story]

Bauer Basks in Kenzo’s Three-Star Simplicity

Also: a return to Mustards Grill, a first review of Flores, and Brooklyn-style pizza in Berkeley Kenzo It’s been about six months since three-decade-old Chron critic Michael Bauer has compared a Japanese tasting menu [Read entire story]

Deal With It, NYC: Bauer Thinks SF’s Babu Ji Is Better

Also: Bar Agricole stays on top, Pete Kane dips in Onsen and Luke Tsai heads to the hills for southern Thai Babu Ji The story of Babu Ji chef Jessi Singh and his wife Jennifer’s migration from a mini-empire in [Read entire story]

The First Single Thread Review Rolls In

Plus, Michael Bauer leaves Motze unsatisfied Motze In 2012, Michael Bauer called three-star Bar Tartine his own “personal benchmark,” giving every other restaurant in town a roadmap for how to impress our local food [Read entire story]

Michael Bauer Skips the Line at Tartine Manufactory

Also: Pete Kane heads to Babu Ji and Luke Tsai finds Korean brunch at Berkeley Social Club Tartine Manufactory Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt’s temple of baked goods has already gotten one wistful (but unstarred) [Read entire story]

The Saratoga Slides Right Into Bauer’s Three-Star Society

Plus: Pete Kane brunches hard at Finn Town and Luke Tsai finds Eritrean by the DMV The Saratoga The first thing 30-year Chron critic Michael Bauer notices about dinner at The Saratoga is that “spirits are king” here, [Read entire story]

Hecho Will Become Hecho Cantina in 2017

Expect the Castro Mexican spot to get a little more casual in the new year Castro Margarita brunch spot Hecho will start off 2017 with a little different vibe. As SFist reports today, owners Jesse Woodward and Dana Gleim [Read entire story]

A Year-Round Beer Garden Awaits at Almanac Taproom, Now Open on 24th Street

Get acquainted with the beer list now. Almanac Beer co-founders and gypsy brewers Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagan are sneaking in the last restaurant opening of 2016. The beer company’s first physical storefront soft [Read entire story]

Mr. Bing’s Is Clean Now, and More A.M. Intel

Your last morning dispatch of 2016 Mr. Bing’s is clean now and people are unhappy Noted North Beach dive bar and Anthony Bourdain-approved drinking location Mr. Bing’s has been scrubbed of its dingy charm, SFist [Read entire story]

Bauer Shines a Spotlight on Sushi Hon’s Affordable Omakase

Also: Sens is firmly on The Morris train, and Pete Kane goes to a Saratoga party Sushi Hon After last week’s end-of-year reflections, Chron critic Michael Bauer finds “affordable omakase” and an “extensive [Read entire story]