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‘The Only Living Boy in New York’: a failure on all cylinders

“The Only Living Boy in New York,” in which a misunderstood Millennial man falls for his rich father’s mistress, is a misfire in Manhattan, and there is nothing that its appealing cast can do to save it. Thomas stalks her, and for reasons that escape us, Beckinsale responds by basically inviting Thomas to bed. [...] most of the problems of “Living Boy” can be traced to the script, which is filled with silly dialogue and embarrassing narration that attempts to explain the nonsensical actions of people whom we care less and less about as the story moves along. The pointlessness of the project becomes painfully evident in the third act, when we are treated to a plot twist that seems thrown in to divert us from the fact that the older woman-younger man relationship offers nothing in the way of insight. Creating a character out of thin air, Nixon provides another reminder that she has been building an interesting body of work since her stint on “Sex and the City.” [...] director Marc Webb and writer Allan Loeb don’t bring anything new to the proceedings, and worse, neither the dramatic nor the occasional comic beats hit their notes.

Article by By David Lewis (c) Entertainment - Read full story here.