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Dear Abby: Rift between lesbian wife, evangelist mother causes pain

Rift between lesbian wife, evangelist mother causes pain Is there something I should do or say to either of them that might possibly help all of us deal with this turmoil a little better? If the wedge in your wife’s relationship with her evangelist prophet mother is that she is a lesbian and married, there is nothing you can do. Friends insist that what I’m doing is littering and helping neither the furry friends nor the environment. Can you help solve the debate — to toss or not to toss? If you truly want to support the Earth, keep a small container in your vehicle for the apple core and dispose of it when you get home. Help! I don’t know if I should break up with him. Dear California Teen: Because you are moving in about a month, I don’t think breaking up in the formal sense is necessary. P.S. Now that you realize you’re not ready to date, when you have made the move, take a break from romance and concentrate on your studies.

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