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Dear Abby: New mother doesn’t want old rival in her baby’s life

New mother doesn’t want old rival in her baby’s life Dear Abby: I had a baby girl with my longtime best friend, Adam. Six weeks before April was born, Adam began seeing a girl we both knew from high school. Adam believes it’s not fair to push her out of the room when April is around, and that Jenny should be a part of family events reserved for parents and the child, like taking formal pictures and such. Am I irrational or crazy? I care about Adam because of our long history of friendship. Co-Parenting on the East Coast The one thing I’m wary about is, if it becomes her house, that she’ll start treating us like children. [...] if people are paying rent, it should feel like their home, too. Am I being a brat? [...] once it becomes her house, should I just lay all my worries on the line to her? By all means lay all your concerns on the table — the sooner the better. If his mother needs the income that would come from having renters, she may be less inclined to behave as you fear.

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