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Scores in Turkey mark 1st anniversary of coup attempt

ISTANBUL — Turkey’s president addressed tens of thousands of people Saturday at a ceremony marking the first anniversary of the country’s crushed military coup, vowing to “rip the heads off” of terror groups and of the coup-plotters who tried to end his more than a decade-long rule. Recep Tayyip Erdogan joined the large, flag-waving crowd who took part in a national unity march in Istanbul, converging at the July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge to remember 250 people who died on July 15, 2016, trying to resist the coup. Turkish soldiers attempted to overthrow the government using tanks, warplanes and helicopters a year ago. The coup plotters declared their seizure of power on the state broadcaster, bombed the country’s parliament and other key locations, and raided an Aegean resort where Erdogan had been on vacation. In the aftermath of the coup attempt, Turkey declared a state of emergency, which has allowed the government to rule by decree and to dismiss tens of thousands of people from their jobs.

Article by By Zeynep Bilginsoy and Suzan Fraser (c) Page One News - Read full story here.