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Most Honolulu high-rise tenants allowed to return after fire

Two of the victims were identified as Hawaiian Airlines in-flight manager, Britt Reller, 54, and his mother, Melba Jeannine Dilley, 85. The building known as the Marco Polo residences is not required to have fire sprinklers, which would have confined the blaze to the unit where it started, Neves said. The 36-floor building near the tourist mecca of Waikiki was built in 1971, before sprinklers were mandatory in high-rises. Late into the night as embers smoldered, firefighters searched the damaged areas to make sure no additional people died. Hastings said the flames drove her and a neighbor to run down 14 floors until they found a safe stairwell to get some air. The Fire Department said Saturday morning that most residents would be allowed to return home, but the 26th through 28th floors will remain closed because of extensive fire, water and smoke damage. No one from the building said they remembered recent fire drills, but Anna Viggiano, who lives on the sixth floor, said there were some after a 2013 fire that broke out two floors above her.

Article by By Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, Marco Garcia and Audrey McAvoy (c) Page One News - Read full story here.