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Labor Dept. must accept less data than it asked of Google, judge says

The Department of Labor lost a significant portion of its case to pull more employee data from Google on Friday, when a judge ruled the department couldn’t access the full breadth of its request. On Friday, a judge ruled that the department could receive only the contact information of up to 8,000 employees and limited the scope of the job and salary information. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs “should be able to identify specific areas that are relevant to its investigation rather than willy-nilly search anywhere and everywhere for practices that might be causing a disparity in the compensation data,” administrative law judge Steven Berlin wrote in his recommended decision and order. The judge also said that the office has not done enough research “to learn how Google’s system works, identify actual policies and practices that might cause the disparity, and then craft focused requests for information that bears on these identified potential causes.” “We invest a lot in our efforts to create a fair and inclusive environment for all our employees — across all genders and races,” Eileen Naughton, Google’s vice president of people operations, wrote in a blog post.

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