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Egypt’s property evictions ignite violent clashes with officers

CAIRO — Egyptian police on Sunday fired tear gas to disperse a rock-throwing crowd of residents on a Nile River island in Cairo, clashes that left one person dead and 50 others injured, according to authorities. The violence broke out when police attempted to evict residents using state land without permission, part of a nationwide campaign begun by President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to retake state property illegally controlled or run for profit by individuals or commercial enterprises. The local media have for weeks been showing images of police and army troops demolishing buildings or commercial facilities illegally built or operating without a license. In its statement, the Interior Ministry, which is in charge of the police, said the residents attacked officers with firearms, bird-shot guns and rocks and that they responded with tear gas. In a separate development, Egypt’s military said its jet fighters destroyed 15 all-terrain vehicles carrying weapons and explosives along with “criminal elements” after they were detected getting ready to cross the border with Libya into Egypt.

Article by By Hamza Hendawi (c) Page One News - Read full story here.