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Officer-involved shooting closes eastbound Bay Bridge 5 hours

An unusual scene unfolded on the Bay Bridge in the predawn hours Sunday as an investigation of an officer-involved shooting closed all eastbound lanes for about five hours, stranding drivers headed for the East Bay along with their tipsy passengers. The shooting occurred when a red Cadillac came barreling down the shoulder of the road heading straight for California Highway Patrol investigators at the scene of a crash, prompting an officer to fire multiple rounds into the car, according to CHP Officer Vu Williams. All eastbound lanes were immediately closed so officers could examine the shooting scene and interview witnesses. “Everyone was coming back from a night out in San Francisco, so there were people who were passed out drunk, close to vomiting as it was, getting sick on the bridge — it was ugly,” said Rami Dahud, a 34-year-old Millbrae resident and Uber driver who got stuck on the bridge shortly after 4 a.m. on a trip to take a passenger home to Pittsburg. Some slept in their cars, others climbed atop car roofs to watch the sunrise, and still more relieved themselves off the side of the bridge or passed the time by smoking marijuana, stuck motorists said. The California Highway Patrol eventually rerouted drivers through Treasure Island but began with the back of the bridge, so those who got stuck first were the last to escape the congestion, motorists said. The incident that caused the closure began around 3:25 a.m., when CHP officers initially responded to a collision about a mile west of the toll plaza involving two vehicles in the eastbound lanes, Williams said. Because of the extent of the damage and debris from the accident, multiple officers and Caltrans employees were on the scene working to clear the roadway, he said.

Article by By Filipa Ioannou and Trisha Thadani (c) Page One News - Read full story here.