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French national elections give Macron big boost

PARIS — French voters gave President Emmanuel Macron’s upstart party a solid victory in Sunday’s parliamentary election, handing the centrist a strong mandate to reshape French politics and overhaul the country’s restrictive labor laws. Pollsters projected Macron’s Republic on the Move! and its allies could take up to 360 of the lower chamber’s 577 seats. With 82 percent of the vote counted, the Interior Ministry said Macron’s party had 42 percent of the vote, the conservative Republicans had 22 percent and the far-right National Front captured 10 percent. Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen registered a massive victory in her northern bastion of Henin-Beaumont, defeating Macron’s candidate as she won her first French parliamentary seat. Melenchon, whose party was projected to win 25 to 30 seats, denounced Macron’s planned labor reforms that would make it easier to hire and fire French workers, calling them a “social coup d’etat” that he would fight.

Article by By Elaine Ganley and Sylvie Corbet (c) Page One News - Read full story here.