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Which movies to watch this weekend, May 19

Amy Schumer is terrific, and nicely paired with Goldie Hawn as her mother, in this uneven but mostly laugh-filled comedy, about two women who go off to Ecuador on vacation and end up kidnapped by drug dealers. R. 91 minutes. The Lovers: A tonally complex film, expertly directed by Azazel Jacobs, this comedy-drama tells the story of married couple (Debra Winger and Tracy Letts), each of whom is cheating on the other — and then each starts cheating on the lovers with each other. R. 94 minutes. The two-man show (plus one very important vocal performance) directed by Doug Liman defies labeling. The result is a mostly satisfying genre souffle, guided by a skilled filmmaker who seems to be all in on this minimalist filmmaking opportunity. R. 85 minutes.

Article by By Mick LaSalle, Peter Hartlaub and David Lewis (c) Entertainment - Read full story here.