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‘Paris Can Wait’ is a long, dull journey

Coppola, who has shown a sure hand as a documentarian — she made the superb “Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse” in 1991 — has turned in a poorly acted, colossal bore of a film that strikes wrong notes from beginning to end. Part naive travelogue and part abortive romance, it’s the story of a woman, Anne (Diane Lane), who is beginning to feel neglected by her husband, a big shot producer played by Alec Baldwin. Through a mix of circumstances, she winds up going on a road trip with one of her husband’s colleagues, a flirtatious Frenchman named Jacques (Arnaud Viard). Because Jacques wants to seduce her, a ride that should have lasted a few hours is stretched into several days — several very, very long days. Eleanor Coppola, who is married to Francis Ford Coppola, knows something about what it’s like to be married to a movie mogul, and in these early moments, there is the sense of looking behind the curtain. [...] it’s hard to feel too sorry for someone in a luxury suite, whose husband has apparently abused her by taking her to the French Riviera! [...] they drive. [...] we’re tied up in the back seat and forced to listen to them talk. When Anne tells Jacques that her vice is chocolate — of course, it is; an interesting vice is not possible for this character — he orders every chocolate dessert in a high-end restaurant and she takes a little nibble out of one or two. The movie wants us to see them as epicures, but they’re really just rich people, plowing through everything, valuing nothing.

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