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‘Like Crazy’ a chance to see great actress at her best

“Like Crazy” (the Italian title is better: “La Pazza Gioia”) arrives in America on a wave of approbation, and all of it deserved. A big hit in Italy, where it won top prizes, it’s the story of two very different women who go on a road trip. Tedeschi became famous in 1993 for playing a woman who blossoms in the nuthouse (“Normal People Are Nothing Exceptional”), and, in her acting, she has made several trips to the padded walls over the years. [...] “Like Crazy” provides her with her best opportunity to depict mental instability, and her performance couldn’t be better. [...] you might also watch it as a tailor-made showcase for a world-class actress. For the rest, “Like Crazy” is a golden entry into one of the great careers, a chance to discover one of the most idiosyncratic and endearing actresses working today. The opening scene is a perfect introduction to the character and to what Tedeschi can do with her. She is always having her dignity undercut, which means that she is invariably warding off shame even as she is asserting herself. The film traces a bond that grows between the overbearing Beatrice and a woman who is her complete opposite, Donatella (Micaela Ramazzotti), who is withdrawn and poor, with a tortured past.

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