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‘Everything’ a fine romance with (almost) no kisses

Based on Nicola Yoon’s young-adult novel, “Everything, Everything” is about a girl who is so allergic to everything and so susceptible to disease that if she leaves the house even for a minute, it could kill her. [...] she falls in love with the boy next door, and he falls in love with her, and soon they tire of meeting on opposite sides of a glass pane. In “Twilight,” the fear was that if the hero kissed the heroine, he would lose control and start biting her neck. “Everything, Everything” benefits enormously from its appealing young couple, especially Amandla Stenberg as young, allergic Maddy, who so looks the picture of health, and who seems so curious, intelligent and vivacious that her predicament is almost as maddening to the audience as it is to her. Anyone with just the dimmest memory of adolescence will remember the intensity of desire that can build up between teenage lovers and will feel, vicariously, their agony of frustration. To stretch things, the movie bombards us with musical sequences, eventually getting to the point that every three lines of dialogue gets interrupted by a song. The young lovers — Nick Robinson plays the boyfriend — retain their appeal, but the energy is dissipated.

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