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The job of the sailor is tough. Most people get to go to their homes and families every night. The sailor must stay away from them for long time. His only company is the endless blue of the ocean. The ship is the home he sees the most. I have never been a sailor but I think I can imagine how it feels when the ship approaches its destination, when, after spending weeks or even months in the middle of the ocean, you can see a mountain peeking at the horizon. And then you can see and hear the seagulls and you realize that soon you will set foot to the land, maybe a place you 've never been before. Or maybe a place where home is..

This picture was taken from Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco's Embarcadero and Bay Area bridge are visible at the background

Article by Rabican7 (c) San Francisco - a sense of time, a sense of place Pool - Read full story here.